Type: Two-Storey Duplex Home
Lot Area: 46 sq.m.
Floor Area: 60 sq.m.
Bedroom: 2
Powder Room:
Toilet and Bath: 1
Garage: 1

High 1,000,000.00

Model Description

Two (2) bedrooms
Toilet and Bath
Kitchen, Living, Dining, Service Area
Car Garage
Kissed by the warm sun, rejuvenate the soul, hallmark of good taste!

Imagine living in a home that is private, well-planned, and compact yet has extensive outdoor spaces for fun-filled activities like doing great barbecue parties for your family and guests. This challenge has been the pursuit of the Sumiya which is unequally answered in every way for you.

Relive wondrous dreams once forgotten, you’ll find comforts here with the Sumiya

Floor Plans