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Why Python & Django Are Your Top Choice for Web Development

This discussion is about "Why Python & Django Are Your Top Choice for Web Development" in the "Programming" forums.

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    Default Why Python & Django Are Your Top Choice for Web Development

    Choosing a programming language for your product is a major challenge. It’s a big decision. There are plenty of programming languages, but usually a couple lend themselves to your particular goals. In this article, we cover the business benefits of Python web development, we’ll tell you what Python and Django are, why they’re so popular, who uses them, and why you should consider Python web development with Django.

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    I don't want to argue with you, but there are many ready-made options for making a website. You don't have to be a programming expert to get a finished project in a couple of days. I personally like WIX as it can be adapted to mobile systems. WordPress also occupies a leading position as a tool for quickly creating a website.

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    Hello! Once again I was convinced that how many people - so many opinions. I myself am convinced that it is necessary to carefully consider each specific case of creating web pages. Goals, objectives and budget determine the form and code of the future resource. There are good examples of this approach on the official page of sydney website development - If you want to get a perfectly effective website, then you should consult with those who are recognized experts in this field.

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