Android being the dominant platform in the industry, is preferred for most of the applications for their to be successful. Kotlin and Rust are primarily language tools. In terms of the basic overview of the languages, Kotlin is a statically typed programming language that targets JVM and JavaScript. It is completely interoperable with Java. On the other hand, Rust is a systems programming language that delivers services with fast performance by combining strong compile-time. The key feature of Kotlin is its interoperability with Java, one of the many reasons developers choose Kotlin over other programming languages for Android app development.

Besides, Rust provides guaranteed memory safety, making it a preferable option for android developers. The confusion between Rust and Kotlin is constant when it is about Android app development. In this guide, we will have a look at the favourable reasons for choosing both of the concerned programming languages. Starting with Rust, according to a survey, it has been the most beloved programming language. Rust has been spreading with a really high pace in the industry. One of the most appreciated features of Rust is that it can accept all the abstraction of code.

On the other hand, Kotlin is also becoming popular daily; it has remarkable features making it highly popular across the android app development industry. From easy learning to code structure, kotlin is an excellent choice for android app development. It has a number of advantages such as shorter, simpler code, compatibility of java, solution to Java flaws, and cross-platform app development. The ultimate decision to choose between the two depends on the type of your application considering all the app specifications.