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custom software and crackin software web development in php, java

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    Default custom software and crackin software web development in php, java

    So perhaps you've learned how to exploit a few vulnerabilities. Maybe even quite a few. Its quite the feeling isn't it?
    Particularly on here, I've noticed that many people go for a long time without even learning to hack pre-defined targets.
    They know how to exploit various vulnerabilities based on scans and google dorking.
    But their exploitation is limited to what exploits they know, and what methods they know of finding targets with very specific vulnerabilities.
    In essence, HF hackers suck because we lack the crucial meta-discussion.
    I come in this section and just see a bunch of disorganized tutorials.

    You don't have to keep living your life this way.
    Following a methodology will allow you to account for what you don't know. And more importantly It will give you better odds of hacking specific targets.

    the following list is ONE methodology. It is by NO MEANS exhaustive or even detailed. It is merely an example
    I'm not going to go into detail on each step because that would defeat the purpose of this post, but I can make a separate one if its requested enough.

    0. OpSec (anonymization)
    1. (passive) Recon
    2. Scanning (Active Recon)
    3. Exploitation (gaining access)
    4. Maintaining Access
    5. Privilege Escalation
    6. Cleaning up (covering tracks)

    NOTE: Keep in mind that every hacker will have a different version of this.
    for example, most whitehats/pentesters have limited to no need for OpSec.

    Just as on other underground marketplaces, there is no shortage of hackers offering their services, we revealed some of our great expertise works such as; “Hacking into Organizations,Websites,Series of email accounts as " Gmail accounts, Yahoo accounts,Msn,Meebo,Social media Hacks as Facebook,Whatsapp,ICQ,Telegram,Instagram,Skype,IM, LinkedIn as well as accounts with popular Russian email providers such as Mail.Ru, Yandex.Ru,& Rambler. Ru,Various Kinds of Games & Software,Games server files + database,WI-FI Hacks,Phone Hacks,Social Engineering,Scanning Networks,Web Designing & Hosting ,Evading IDS, Firewalls, SQL Injection,Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks,• UDP Flood• TCP Flood• HTTP/HTTPS Flood• SYN Flood,3D Printing of ATM SkimmersPersonally Identifiable Information (PII),VBV (Verified by Visa),New Identity Package,such as Scans of Social Security Card,

    whatsapp : +1 6823025207
    skype : baddykay

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    I do already see that you are looking for hackers or eithier selling something of those anyways. Please do tell me what you really do ? So called hackers will not contact you in Skype or will call via Whatsapp anyway for everything being done here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BearMonster17 View Post
    Well, this guy left his cell phone number. I'm sure that if he really got this base on his own, he wouldn't be so stupid. Anyone who is even slightly connected with the" dark side of the Internet " knows that using the victim's mobile number, you can get absolutely any information about the owner. Well, if I were you, I wouldn't trust this guy... If you need a business database, then I strongly recommend that you visit this site. I am more than sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for there. In addition, this is an absolutely honest and reliable service without any malicious intentions!
    Hm.. Nice info, thx!

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    I would like to use help with custom website design. But I am making my websites with the help of those free website examples. I am sure that they are great for any purpose, and they really work well! Do you guys like using such free solutions too?

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    In this digital era, every business needs to get an online presence because all the prospects and clients are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all the social media platforms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacony View Post
    In this digital era, every business needs to get an online presence because all the prospects and clients are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or all the social media platforms.
    I absolutely agree with you. It is hard to imagine any kind of business without an online presence today. Social media are no doubt a great way for promotion, but still, it is essential to have a site and/or application. I didn't dare to do this work by myself and addressed the Forbytes software development company. It provided me with digital transformation solutions that helped to develop my business. As you have already guess, it was a wise decision.

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