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Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?

This discussion is about "Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?" in the "Programming" forums.
Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?,...

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    Default Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?

    Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?,

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    Default Re: Anyone knows MCU? video conference..?

    POlycom? tandberg

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    Why would you need all this micromanagement? Searching for some specific tools etc. All just for maintaining online meetups? Why can't you just use some software?

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    Hey, Guerilla! What did you mean by specific software? Do you have something in mind? My boss also asked me to arrange a video conference online. I found this streaming API and I think I shall look no further. What about you? Have you tried it yet? I would really love to know of you value more in those online meetups.

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