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Photographer ‘raped’ girl who posed for pictorial

This discussion is about "Photographer ‘raped’ girl who posed for pictorial" in the "Politics & Current Events" forums.

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    Default Photographer ‘raped’ girl who posed for pictorial

    Source: Sunstar News (Wednesday, January 21, 2015)

    A 15-YEAR-OLD high school student charged a man who claimed to be a photographer after he allegedly raped her in what was supposed to be a photo session.

    Pia (real name withheld) filed a complaint against Jaydee Mar Pardillada for violation of Republic Act (RA) 8353, or the Anti-Rape Law, before the Office of the Cebu City Prosecutor.

    The girl told Sun.Star Cebu that she contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) because of the incident. She even contemplated to commit suicide by stabbing herself, but she was stopped by her brothers.

    Pia said she has not yet taken medicine because her family doesn’t have money.


    Her mother, who works as a fortune teller outside the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, cannot afford the injectible drug which costs P2,500.

    “Maka-cancer daw kon di ko matambalan (I would get cancer if I am not cured). Nahadlok ko (I’m afraid),” she said. “Gusto nako mabulok siya sa bilanggoan (I want him to rot in jail).”

    After the mother learned about the incident, she fainted.

    “Mao ra niy anak nako nga babaye, nya na ingon ana pa (She is my only daughter and this is what happened to her),” said the mother.


    Sun.Star Cebu tried to reach Pardillada, but the calls and text messages to his cellular phone were not answered.

    Before the incident last Dec. 9, Pia and her friend Miley (real name withheld), also 15, went to Harrison Park on Osmena Blvd. and had a few drinks with their friends.

    “A couple of minutes later, a friend (of Miley) whom I later know as Jaydee Mar Pardillada texted her and invited her, including me, to join him at Clubholic at Mango Ave., Cebu City,” said Pia in her affidavit.

    They met and Pardillada allegedly treated the girls to a drink.

    An hour later, Pardillada invited Pia and Miley to go with him to his rented room in Barangay Duljo Fatima.

    “He was going to show us the photo shoot of his models on Facebook because according to him he is a photographer,” said the victim.

    Pardillada was not bringing a professional camera, but only a cellular phone, said Pia.


    She said she was offered P1,000 to pose for him. She agreed on condition that she would not undress.

    The girls boarded Pardillada’s motorcycle. They arrived in his house at 3 a.m. on Dec. 10.

    Miley asked to use the comfort room while Pia was left alone in the room.

    “Jaydee suddenly pushed me to his bed and tried to undress me. I protested and cried but Jaydee threatened me not to shout. It was at this juncture that (Miley) came back from the comfort room. And when (Miley) entered the room, Jaydee pulled her hair and took her shirt and bra... Jaydee proceeded to pull her pants but (Miley) resisted.”


    The suspect locked the door, went back to Pia and undressed her. She tried to resist but Pardillada slapped and punched her several times in her arms.

    “(He) choked me and smothered me with a pillow,” she said.

    Pardillada then covered the girl’s mouth, undressed her and raped her.

    “After raping me Jaydee fell asleep while me and Miley tried to open the door of his room but we could not unlock it so we woke him up and begged him to set us free. He acceded to our request and gave us P100 for our fare,” said Pia.

    The photographer threatened Pia not file a complaint against him.
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    i wonder if na-predict ba sa iyang mama nga fortune teller nga ma-rape iyang anak?
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    At such a young age, already had this cruel experienced (If true)!.. Are the parents of this young gal been doing their job as a parent?

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    Hala. 15 yr olds pa raba. Naa pani sa mga 2-3rd yr highschool. Ang parents ani, unsa kaha gi buhat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Istudyante-Ni-Pikoy View Post
    Hala. 15 yr olds pa raba. Naa pani sa mga 2-3rd yr highschool. Ang parents ani, unsa kaha gi buhat? uban pang mga bisyo.

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    sus ginuo.. 15 anyos unya nag inom2 na.. ug kanus.a allow gi allow sa mga bars ang minors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie View Post uban pang mga bisyo.
    Sure ka ani mam?

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    basta hubog na mbungol gyud. imbis pautographer ang sulti photographer ang paminaw.
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    tsk tsk tsk.. kung tinuod ni, dapat putlan ning rapist!

    naa man sad sayup ning mga ginikanan... mao lage ning sobra ra sa pagka luag sa mga anak, bae pa jd.

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    nganu ni kuyog man pd alas 3 sa kadlawon.
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