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All About Current Admin of Duterte

This discussion is about "All About Current Admin of Duterte" in the "Politics & Current Events" forums.
Originally Posted by cobraKing wala nman ni update dri.. arang mingawa na dri boss..ehehe...

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    Nov 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by cobraKing View Post
    wala nman ni update dri..
    arang mingawa na dri boss..ehehe

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    mingaw na kay naka amgo na ba sila?...nga usa sila ani, the joker the joke and the gullibles.

    the joker makes a pronouncement, many disagrees or does not like. in his defense, the apologists and defenders make their own interpretation of his interpretation that they themselves wanted to hear, that should have been blurted out by the joker...pero stupid sila di ba?
    then later, it is all a joke ra gyud diay! again the defenders and apologists offer their own interpretation seemingly avoiding that they were really duped by the joker.
    then the gullibles, applauded! unaware of what really is the joke about because of the various interpretations of the apologists and defenders...and spread by the gullible army (the trolls!).

    but then, katawa ug bahakhak lang pud ta because we are all part of the joke pud diay
    when the joker makes a joke everyone must laugh, else, tokhang are either a drug addict or a red sympathizer.

    ayaw lang mo kasuko ha, kay this is all a joke! katawa ug bahakhak ta kung lingaw gihapon ta sa joke ni joker. Bravo! mga estupido!

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    unja..angay pa ba ning ipadayon nga joke rman diay ang tanan..delikado rb ug mautro..kay sa ahong tanaw, wa juy nakaamgo...

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