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2010 Philippine Elections: Who is worth your vote?

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2010 Philippine Elections: Who is worth your vote? | [ d'MusicBox ] * Fake smiles, cheesy campaign jingles and TV commercials and pseudo promises by ...

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    Default 2010 Philippine Elections: Who is worth your vote?

    2010 Philippine Elections: Who is worth your vote? | [ d'MusicBox ] *

    Fake smiles, cheesy campaign jingles and TV commercials and pseudo promises by fill up empty walls, radion waves and TV ads in the Philippines from politicians running for office in the coming 2010 Philippine Elections.

    With the 2010 Philippine elections drawing near, who is worth your vote? Will you vote for the candidate with the most antics, best fake smile and pseudo promises or are you conscientiously looking into the qualifications of each candidate?

    Here are some pointers that I am keeping in my mind and I hope you can consider these too.

    1) Avoid the extremists – An extremist politician will say and promise anything just to entice people to vote for him/here. Want an example? Here is one: “Tatapusin ko ang Kahirapan” (I will end poverty). If I hear this line from a candidate, I am going to stick my middle finger down his cheating arse. Once elected, the candidate will stay in office for 6 years and in that span of time, YOU CAN NEVER END POVERTY! Poverty exist in powerhouse countries such as the UK and the US and a politician from the Philippines will end poverty? F U!

    2) Avoid the Big Spenders - Well, it is a given the politicians spend money to fuel their campaigs, but spending too much is just too dodgy. You badly need to win the seat to help the poor and what nots, so you spend much more money than what you are expected to get in 6 years in office? That’s just plain dodgy. Are these politicians considering spending in the campaign period an investment and they are expecting a return of investment plus more profit once elected? Politics is not not business.

    3) Welcome the Vote Buyers – Yes you read it right! Welcome the Vote Buyers! Let me explain this. Let’s be practical and non-hypocritical. If someone tries to buy your vote, willingly accept the money, but guess what? DON’T VOTE FOR THAT POLITICIAN! Welcome the money from vote buyers and do that politician another favor, DON’T VOTE FOR HIM/HER and he will never have any clue!

    4) Get to know your candidate – A candidate may say he has done this and has supported this but in the contrary, he didn’t. It always helps to get to know your candidate. Check his profile, what he believes in and what he lives for. It would make selecting the right candidate a little easier. To have a good grasp on the candidates running for the top offices in the Philippines, you can visit Political Arena. They have setup a profile for each candidate and you may even have the chance to chat with some of the candidates during the live chat sessions set up for each of them.

    5) Avoid surveys - surveys may show who’s the “guy”, but it will never show what character that leading candidate has. Surveys may show you who majority of the respondents will vote for, but the reason that they may be voting that candidate may not apply to what you are looking for and what you believe in.

    You may think that Philippine politics is hopeless and you will opt not to vote this coming elections. I will respect that. Just remember this, your vote could be the difference for a better future. If you do vote, please do it sincerely. Stroke the marker to the ballot and cast your vote by heart. You may care less but your vote will affect you and your family too.

    Mao ni siya akong checklist karon nga eleksyon. If you believe in what I posted, pde q nnu tabangan spread the word!! hehehehehe

    I personally created this, so if you ever copy it, please link it to my blog at 2010 Philippine Elections: Who is worth your vote? | [ d'MusicBox ] *

    Thank you sa nibasa! Kung naay grammatical errors, ingna lang ko ^_^
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