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Siamese Cat or Kitten (mixed or pure)

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Hi Guys, I'm looking for a Siamese cat or kitten (pure or mixed). Much better if available before November 21. Thanks...

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    Default Siamese Cat or Kitten (mixed or pure)

    Hi Guys,

    I'm looking for a Siamese cat or kitten (pure or mixed). Much better if available before November 21.


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    Hey, friend, first of all buy an accessory for your cat as they like it

    for example, I bought a tree for my maine coon and it's quite pleased now

    By the way, he started being lovely

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    Hey, i would say that siamese cats are pretty smart but dude I would advise taking a Maine Coon, no cat can match him in terms of intelligence they're some of the smartest creatures I've ever met I had dogs and cats and even a raccoon )) so trust me I know what I'm talking about and yes Qwent is right any cat needs a place where he can play and have fun and this is the first thing to think about and if you do decide to take Maine Coon then you need to choose the best cat tree for Maine Coons and then you can be sure that your cat will always be in good shape and good mood. I think this is the main thing for the every cat owner.

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    Maine coons are exotic, but they are too unpractical for an average person, siamese cats are better in this regard. You should still take care about them properly however, for example cleaning their fur from fleas can be very troublesome. I recommend reading an article on about where to apply Frontline body protection on cats. This is important because improper application can result in your cat licking it off and harming himself because of the toxicity of the medicine.

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