To all dog lovers out there! I have some products that I have personally tested and hope you guys will want to use as well. Products like your dog won't smell after drinking it. You won't be able to notice that there is a dog in the area. And you won't be receiving any complains from your neighbors due to smell.
For those who wants to see or wants to know how to use the product please ask questions.
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These are good products and I've been using this for 5 years. My dogs (assorted great danes, rottweilers, belgian mallinois, GSD) has been drinking this every day
Enzumo is a cleaning agent that eradicates the smell of the pee n poo of you dog. It also helps eliminates bacteria that causes diseases. This is an alternative to using bleach, chlorine, and Zonrox that can be harmful and causes death your pet if they happen to lick it. I just clean the area with water and brush the walls n floor with water. Then mop dry then spray Enzumo. I have tried using this product by spraying or wiping it to the skin area to fight bacteria and fungi problems in my dogs.
Pafigro is a probiotic drink for animals that within 3 days eliminates the doggy smell of your pet. It's a plus that it also makes the coat shiny and you don't need to bath you pet every week. This helps lessen bathing time

This product is a supplement for my chicken and dogs.

ATOVI The Performance and Immune Enhancer - P600/kilo powder

* Faster growing period
* Increase profitability
* Lower feed conversion or feed intake
* higher livability
* Improved & enhanced breeding operations
* More harvests per year
* Good sizes of eggs and egg shell quality
* Higher production rate
* Longer laying period
* shorter molting period
* Minimal medications
* Lower power and water expenses
* Elimination of chemicals for treating manure
* Free of antibiotic and chemical residues
* Thin back fat
* Pathogen-free and dry manure with no foul or odious smell
* Greater uniformity in litter/brood size & weight
* Higher hatchability percentage
* Early return to heat
* Prevent scouring
* High resistance to bacterial and viral infections and diseases