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Starting a Dog Breeding Business (Tips and Advices)

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Hi and Good Day fellow peeps from Istorya! Here is my story. Since I was a Kid(up til now), I've always enjoyed the company of ...

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    Default Starting a Dog Breeding Business (Tips and Advices)

    Hi and Good Day fellow peeps from Istorya!

    Here is my story.
    Since I was a Kid(up til now), I've always enjoyed the company of Dogs, no matter what breed, size or whatever. These little furballs just make my day, Everyday! I guess it's a shared feeling for most of us here in Istorya.

    Karon, I have with me my super pinangga aspin named "Kobe". 1 year old na siya and he's such a sweetie. Kobe actually made me realize nga if ever mag put up kog business, It has to be about the very thing I love the most. And you guessed it, they're doggies! I think it would be nice to have a business that you actually love. Dili lang kay monetary ang reason, I just enjoy playing with the dogs, cuddling them and do tons of cute things with them.

    Currently, naa koy job and I am saving up para puhon maka open up kog dog breeding business.
    I come here sa Istorya to seek for any tips, advices on how to have a solid foundation sa kani nga business.
    This is actually my first business venture. The love for the business is there but I definitely am in need sa mga tambag sa katong naa nay experience ani nga field. Hope to get your inputs. Thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    UP! UP! Any inputs would be greatly appreciated.
    Let's also make this thread a discussion board regarding the topic!
    This would be fun! Thanks Guys!

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    Brod u cant really have much profit in dog business, first u need to have high capital for foods, vaccines and vitamins including medicines and check ups and hospitalization when they're sick. U need to have more time to your dog for walking daily and dili ingon ana ka dali ang pag sell sa pups.sometimes modako nalang ang pup di japon mahalin. Mao nay imo unahon og kaya na nimo then go for your plan ...ayaw lang puppy mill brod....peace

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    Boss, people i know who are reputable dog breeders don't call it a business. It's more of a hobby for them, because they have money to burn. What they get from selling their pups/dogs is barely enough to cover for their expense. This is because they do it to breed healthy and quality dogs. They do it by paring the right dogs, sometimes even going abroad to find a good breed to bring in the Phils. It isn't as easy as taking a pair and breeding them, much like the practice of most puppy mills.

    I think it would be best to set your goals first... Do you intend to sell as many puppies as you can? So your business will be profitable. or is your goal to breed quality puppies which you will be disposing to selected loving homes? If you chose the later, then a solid foundation is to have the best quality of dogs. Research jud kailangan ani unsay standards sa breed and faults na dapat iwasan. Also join dog clubs, kay dagahan kaayo ka ma learn from other members. Also you might even be able to borrow their dogs for pairing with what you have. I would even suggest to concentrate on a single breed, be an expert on that breed. Join shows para ma expose ka sa mga nindot na dogs.
    Now if you chose the former and intend to make your own puppy mill, all you need is to get a pair and breed them as often as possible...

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    Hmm the thread title doesn't sound good to me.. First and foremost, breeding dogs is not a business.. Breeding is for the continuity and improvement of the breed. Its a hobby, a passion.. on the other hand, business means return of investment in terms of monetary considerations. Here in dog breeding, we invest money, time and effort for the love of dogs without expecting in return... and breeding is not for everybody, its not enough that you love dogs.. you have to have the resources and willing to let go of it without expecting something in return..

    The more you know about dogs and the more you love them, trust me, you will have second thoughts about breeding them.. It is a very big responsibiliy.. even putting your pet's lives in danger!

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