Hi Everyone!

First of all, I want to tell community fellows that it is the time when I am going to Miami to have fun with old friends. We are thinking of doing something different this time, that is why we decided to go with the boat party option. Initially, we will have to decide about the timings. Likewise, whether we should try night parties or daytime ones.

Secondly, we are looking for Miami's boat party packages from top platforms. Do you think you should choose Hip Hop Club Miami in this regard? They are giving top services, including a live DJ, unlimited drinks, snacks and much more under their Booze Cruise packages. We would also love to go with sunset timing because it is so soothing.

Moreover, we also want a customized package where watersports, singing and dancing contests are also included in boat party packages. If you know of any Miami-based boat party packages like these?

Please share your experiences if you have used any service before. Waiting for your responses.