Time: Sunday, September 25 4:30am - 6:30pm

Location: Lutopan, Toledo City to Guadalupe, Cebu City via Mananga River

Description: Another man-sized hike that start from Lutopan to Guadalupe and will traverse the villages of Cantabaco and Camp 8 (Toledo City), Camp 7 (Minglanilla), Sinsin and Buot-Taup (Cebu City), Camp 4 (Talisay City), Pamutan and Sapangdaku (Cebu City). Basically, this is a rivertrek on the widest part of the island of Cebu. Distance is between 40-36 kilometers.


04:30 - Assembly at Petron Gas Station infront South Bus Terminal
06:00 - Leave Cebu City for Lutopan by bus
07:30 - Arrive Lutopan
Light breakfast
08:15 - Leave Lutopan for Sinsin
09:15 - Arrive Sinsin, rest & rehydrate
09:30 - Leave Sinsin for Buot-Taop via Odlom
10:15 - Arrive Buot-Taop, rest & rehydrate
10:30 - Leave Buot-Taop for Camp 4
11:30 - Arrive Camp 5, rest & rehydrate
Prepare lunch
12:15 - Lunch time
12:45 - Siesta & socials
13:00 - Leave Camp 5 for Cabatbatan, Pamutan
15:00 - Arrive Cabatbatan, rest & rehydrate
15:15 - Leave Cabatbatan for Bocawe, Pamutan
16:15 - Arrive Bocawe, rest & rehydrate
16:30 - Leave Bocawe for road junction
17:15 - Arrive road junction, rest & rehydrate
17:30 - Leave road junction for Guadalupe via Bebut's Trail
18:30 - Arrive Guadalupe
19:00 - Rest, rehydrate & post-hike discussion

What to Bring: 2-liters water, spoon-fork set, cook set, camp stove & fuel, lighter/safety matches, extra dry socks & clothing, slippers, trail food/snacks, headlamp/flashlight, survival knife, etc.

Other info: We will cook lunch along the trail so we will pool money to buy meat, milled corn, vegetables, spices and ingredients, etc.

Reminders: Stamina, speed and endurance to cold is required of each participant. Travel light. This is a project of Warrior Pilgrimage Blog and supported by Camp Red, Go Wild Adventures and Bushcraft Asia.