Interested candidates please PM me directly if you are interested. Details will be provided on interview for the role. Starting pay is $5 AUD an hour for 20 hrs a week.

We're looking for Student Assistants to help out Uni students in Australia with their research and assignments. This can be full time or part time depending on the work load and needs of our clients.

Skills Required:

- good level of English to communicate, write and read.
- must have proficient computer skill which includes spreadsheet, Microsoft word, Excel, etc..
- must have internet connection at home
- competent with online researching on different subject matters such as marketing, business, finance, etc..
- answering emails and phone calls


- assist Students to draft assignments for their school or college
- best essay writing Leading academic essay for school

Writer perception his/her point of view. Due to lack of time and workload students will need assistance with coming up with proper content for their essay.

- it should not be exact copy paste. Some schools are very picky about plagiarism
- double check on assignment list
- draft must be very proficient
- analyzing assignment questions and answers

** Please PM me directly if you are interested in this role **