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Working and Living in Norway

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    Default Working and Living in Norway

    I am creating this thread para naay idea ug guide atong mga igsoong bisdak bahin sa pag trabaho ug puyo diri sa Norway. And I am just paying it forward, in other way makatabang ta.

    This thread might not be accurate as it is sa pagkakaron kay bago ra ko nag 1 month diri. But, I will be updating this thread from time to time. And of course, kailangan sad nato diri ang inputs sa mga higala nato nga naa diri sa Norway.

    We will be updating each topic as soon as naay tay makuha nga information sa atong mga kaila diri ug mga suggestions nila.

    I am working as Mechanical Engineer in a consultancy firm diri, pero plano ko nga mag job-hopping pohon if naay chance. I am deployed now in a subsea company which specializes in grouting sa mga rigs using ROVs and other gizmos.

    Gikan ko Singapore for 4 years and worked in an oil and gas company which specializes on equipments sa rigs and other applications sa upstream (on/offshore) level sa oil and gas sector.

    So much about me, ari ta sa mga basic topics about Norway.

    About Norway

    Population : 5 Milyon as of 2013 with 4% increase a year
    Population density : 16 person per square kilometer
    Life Expectancy : 82 y.o.
    Population breakdown as of 2012:
    1. Poland 72,103
    2. Sweden 36,578
    3. Pakistan 32,737
    4. Somalia 29,395
    5. Iraq 28,935
    6. Germany 25,683
    7. Lithuania 23,941
    8. Vietnam 20,871
    9. Denmark 19,823
    10. Iran 17,913
    11. Russia 16,833
    12. Turkey 16,742
    13. Philippines 16,431
    14. Bosnia-Herzegovina 16,338
    15. Thailand 14,398
    *Basin natingala mo kay daghang Iraqi...yes nagadawat sila ug Assylum or mga war refugee.

    Language : Norwegian or Norsk (naay mga words nga English ang root mao dali ra ka-unon compared to Japanese nga sunggo gyud)
    Alphabet-wise : 26 letters + 3 letters (Æ, Ø, and Å) [sayon ra ghapon compared sa Japanese nga 3 sets of alphabets and a lot of 2K characters, sunggo ghapon)

    Norway is not a member of EU (European Union) pero open borders ni sila sa mga Schengen countires.
    * list of Schengen Countries
    And yes, if naa ka sa Norway, pwede ka maka stay in any Schengen Country for 90 days if naa kay residence card, and you don't need a Visa.

    Weather : 4 Seasons
    Please refer to Seasons, Weather and Climate in Norway - Official Travel Guide to Norway -
    Winter "daw" diri sa Stavanger, dili ra kaau brutal compared sa laing lugar, when I got here the lowest is 0C, ok ra kay wala ra mn mag hangin. Basta kompleto lang ka ug winter clothes, ok ra na, maka survive ra ka.

    more about Norway:
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    Work Ethics

    Normally ang work nila diri is 8AM to 4PM. with 30mins noon break. Naay uban company nga flex time, na pwede ka mo sulod ug earlier or later than 8AM as long as maka work ka ug 7.5hours a day.

    Your workplace will be composed of not a single nor dual or tri nationalities but a lot of nationalities. Sa company nga gi trabahoan nako karon is composed of 16 nationalities, and we are 70 personnel in total. Mao sad na sa uban nga company.

    You will not be calling your boss and other colleagues in "Sir/Maam" basis. Instead, you will be calling them on their first name.

    As my boss says that, wala daw nay ranggo2x diri, everyone is equal ang pangalan ra sa position ang nag lahi, and they are open-doors sa ilang offices. It may even true nga ila gi practice ang Egalitarianism.

    There are no time in/out sa other companies, only your own time sheet in excel and of course your results or outputs.


    Accommodation costs from 5K NOK to 6K NOK for a single room, but if you want to rent a whole unit naa sa 10K NOK to 12K NOK
    *1NOK = 7.40 PHP

    Normally ang mga balay diri nga ma rentahan nimo is 2-storey. Ang tag-iya naa sa taas or naa sa ubos, pero dili mo magkita sa tag-iya kay lahi2x man mo ug entrance sa balay. Ang kana rate sa taas, kompleto na na ug appliances ug uban necessities.

    If ikaw pa gani isa, pwede ka maka rent ug room lang usa. After 3 mos na pwede na mo apas imong asawa or family, kailangan naka ug whole flat.

    Ayaw kabalaka, after 2 yrs pwede naka maka loan ug balay with a low interest.


    Sa na anad ug rice, ma lutas gyud mo kay kasagaran nila nga pagkaon is walay rice gyud intawn. Veggies, ham, salmon, meat and bread ra na ilahang pagkaon. Ang salmon diri is barato kaau mao nga permi naay supply sa imng pagkaon. Pero naa mn sad bugas baligya sa mga tindahan nga pwede nimo ma luto pod.

    Bigmac Meal sa McDo costs around 85 NOK.

    Salmon is cheap here in Norway, modagan ang 1kg ug 100NOK. Best for sashimi, pero ang wasabi lang kulang ug asa mapalit.

    Lunch during weekdays

    The company provides lunch for you during workdays, kay wala mn mga hawkers/carenderia dri sa duol. It will be deducted through your salary for about 250-350NOK every month.

    Other companies give free dinner if mag OT ang ilang employees.


    Haircut costs from 250NOK to 500NOK. Mao kung opaw ka, swerte ka kay makatipid ka ug daku. Pero ambot ug pila sad kaha ang rate sa mga parlor para sa mga baye, e update ra nako ni kung naa nakoy info.


    Ang everyday transportation nila is bus system. Ang style diri is card system nga unlimited ride sa isa ka buwan. After 5PM sa weekdays ug weekends libre ka ug 2 ka adults ug bata. Imo lang na e reload every 30days.

    Kada isa sa ilaha naay sakyanan, mao advantage if naa kay driving license. Maka loan ra ka ug pampalit ug sakyanan pohon if gusto ka, mga less than 2 years tingale.

    Train system is travelling from North to South. Naay duha ka presyo sa plete, naay barato nga 50% off sa normal price. Ang deperensya sa mahal ug barato is ang mahal kay refundable, ug pwede magamit sa next trip just in case you missed the scheduled trip, pero ang barato dili magamit ug dili refundable.

    Learning Norsk

    Learning Norsk can be costly, ang rate daw ana is 20K NOK per level. But some companies will sponsor your schooling for free.

    Becoming a Permanent Resident (PR)

    Requirements for being granted a permanent residence permit

    You must have stayed in Norway for the past three years and have held residence permits that form the basis for a permanent residence permit.

    You must have held valid permits throughout the three-year period and still hold one when you apply for a permanent residence permit.

    You must have resided in Norway continuously for the past three years.

    You cannot have been convicted of a criminal offence or been ordered to undergo enforced psychiatric treatment or care (applies if you are over the age of 15).

    If you have been convicted of a criminal offence, your application may be rejected and a longer residence period may be required. If you are charged with or put under investigation for a criminal offence during the application period, we will suspend the processing of your application. Once the criminal case has been decided, you must yourself contact your local police district and request that we resume the processing of your application.

    You must have completed tuition in the Norwegian language and social studies and meet the requirements that apply to you or be able to document that you have been granted an exemption by the municipality (applies if you are between the ages of 16 and 55).

    If your permit expires before you receive an answer to your application for a permanent residence permit, we will consider whether you can be granted a renewal on the same conditions as the permit you already hold.

    Children who are exempted from one or more of the requirements

    Children who are born in Norway can be granted a permanent residence permit if
    their parents are staying in Norway,

    their parents have applied for or meet the conditions for being granted a permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship, and

    their parents apply for permanent residence permit for the child before the child turns one.

    In these cases, the children will be exempt from all other requirements for being granted a permanent residence permit.

    *For 3 years pwede naka mag PR. I was 4.5 years in Singapore and tried to applied for PR but it was rejected.

    Buying online

    Buying online can be good only if you are buying inside Norway.


    Because they are charging 25% of the total cost of the item which includes the shipping cost as import tax, only if you exceed 200NOK.

    Here's a link:
    Online shopping - Tollvesenet

    Buying a Car
    Having your own transport is a necessity in this country, not unless if you are living in the city center and a walking distance from work.

    Buying a car is so easy, mura ra ka ug nagpalit ug cellphone sa tindahan.

    - You can apply for a loan in the bank with hours of approval. Most of the banks offer a good loan.

    - Insurance is a must for car owners, dili pwede ma register ang car if walay insurance. If you loan the car, kailangan naka "Kasko" ang insurance, if medyo karaan na ang car pwede ra naka "del kasko". But, I would recommend kasko unsurances.
    comparison of insurance rates per month can be found here;

    - A yearly road tax is a must to pay, depende sd ang presyo sa makina, if diesel medyo mahal kaysa gasolina.
    Annual motor vehicle tax for 2015

    - driving rights and requirements can be found here:
    Home | Statens vegvesen

    - it is A MUST to check if the vehicle is a collateral sa loan. to check, it can be found here:

    - if it is under a collateral don't buy it. But, call and arrange from the bank which the seller owes and negotiate and ask for advice from the bank.
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    Requirements for finding a job

    Una ang required gyud is ang imong experience. Most jobs diri is naa sa oil and gas. Mechanical, Civil, ECE, ChemEng ang mga mainstream nga jobs diri.

    Ang kusog diri is ang mga consultancy and head hunters such as:
    - velkommen til Randstad
    - Adecco - Norges største bemanningsbyrå - søk på ledige stillinger - ledige jobber
    - Jobbsøker | Manpower
    - Kelly Services: Rekruttering - Personalutleie - Ledige stillinger - Søk jobb

    Jobs can also be found from Reise, Oppdrag, Torget, Eiendom, Bil, MC, Båt...
    * gamit lang ug google chrome as browser kay naay autotranslate feature aron di naka masunggo.

    There are a lot of recruitment firms, and google can answer that.


    You should make your CV as simple as possible. Simple english lang aron dali ra masabtan nila, avoid using words nga dili kaau ginagamit sa mga conversations.

    It would be better if naa mo linkedin account kay mao na ang murag fb sa mga CV.

    Just be sure nga tinood lang na imong gi butang sa imong CV aron dili magka bulilyaso.


    Visa and Residence Permit

    Once you have an employer, kailangan ka ug working visa and a residence permit. Mo file ka ana sa manila and requires you to pay 21K pesos sa Norway Embassy sa Manila, (Table of Fees) or you may visit Norway - the official site in the Philippines
    Lahi2x ug rate kada country, sa Singapore is 300SGD lang bale 10K pesos.

    Requirements of getting a visa is also in the website. And this website sa immigration nila, Front page - UDI

    Visa processing doesn't have a timeframe. usahay dali, naay uban 3 days usa ma approve, 1 week, 2 weeks or even 4 months. I got mine for 1.5 months. Pero ang visa para sa family immigration is upto 2 weeks ra.

    Student Visa

    There is another way of going in and living in Norway and it is through student visa. Pero naa daw na put up money nga 700k pesos and every year it is increasing. Naay laing thread ana diri, pero I will encourage who are applying or applied sa student visa for their input and thoughts.

    Documents to process when you arrive in Norway

    You need to process and schedule a police interview together sa imong pagkuha sa imong tax-number.
    After ka maka process sa police, hatagan naka ug Residence Card, stating sa imong pwede ma trabaho ug pila ka yrs ang duration. After ka maka apply sa imong tax number, hatagan ka ug letter stating sa imong tax number ug pila ang imong tax based sa table.


    Normally ang tax is 35% sa imong income and kuhaon na kada buwan. Ayaw kabalaka kung daku ka ug tax, kay wala man sad diri si Napoles. Ug sigurado man sad mabalik na nimo ang imong tax.

    Bank Account

    Opening a bank account requires that you must have a D-number. This number is used as a tax reference sa imong sweldo. Imong monthly sweldo will be credited into your bank account and automatically deducted with your taxes.

    Main banks here are Nordea, DNB, and Spare Bank 1. Matod pa sa akong kauban sa work, mas gamay daw ug interest and Nordea in terms of loans.

    Withdrawal from ATM on 8:00 to 16:00 during weekdays is free, but from 16:01 to 7:59 on weekdays and on whole day of Saturdays and Sundays will be charged with 5NOK.


    - Free education sa bata until college.
    - Free hospitalization and dental care sa bata.
    - Free hospitalization sa imong family
    - 63% support if ma unemployed ka hantod maka kita ka ug work

    *cross-post from other blog:
    Moving to Norway for Social Benefits:
    Some people want to come to Norway because they think the government will support them with social benefits. However, in Norway, the attitude is that everyone is a worker and pulls their own load. Even though this is a ‘socialist’ country, ‘equal rights’ has gone far beyond ‘rights’ and many choices are hindered to try and make everyone ‘equal’. If a Norwegian has to work for their food and keep, so do you.

    Social Welfare/National Insurance Scheme
    Some people become a little excited about the Social Welfare System in Norway. They think they will receive good benefits freely especially if they want to have kids here. However, there are many conditions on Welfare and unfortunately this information is generally only in Norwegian.

    Unemployment Benefits
    For Job Welfare/Unemployment Benefits, (meaning you have lost your job and want to claim financial support), you need to be a resident (meaning, at least, holding a Residency Permit), have worked for a certain period of time (normally a year in a full time job), earning a certain amount of money and paying tax, before you can claim. Unemployment benefit only entitles you to a percentage of your previous wage and after a year you are cut off unless for good reasons like injury. After a certain period ‘on the dole’ you are required to attend job seeking courses. NAV, the national job centre, can even choose a job for you – cleaner, garbologist, waiter – and you are also expected to up and move anywhere in the country for any job otherwise you can be cut off from unemployment welfare payments. Now all these ‘benefits’ are dependent on your Permit status in Norway and many ‘new-movers’ do not qualify.

    Child Welfare Benefit

    Maternity/Paternity Leave
    For maternity leave you will need to have worked for a period of time (at least a year) earning a certain amount of money before the birth before you can claim maternity leave benefits. This also applies to paternity benefits. These benefits will be a percentage of your normal taxable income paid by your employer. However, in general, Paternity Benefits are based on the mother’s income which is usually less than the father’s income. ’New-movers’ who haven’t worked for at least a year or paid tax are not entitled to such benefits. Also, ‘new-movers’ may be in breech of some Permits (because they have stopped work) and will be required to return to their home country. If you have not worked in Norway for at least a year then you cannot claim any maternity or paternity benefits. Also, this benefit is dependant on your Permit status in Norway and many ‘new-movers’ do not qualify.

    Having A Baby for Permits and Welfare
    I’ve seen some ‘new-movers’ (especially students) think that as soon as they get in the border they will have a baby to help them stay in the country. They think their new born will be a Norwegian citizen. However, this is not the case. Children born in Norway to non-Norwegian citizens do not automatically become Norwegian citizens. They will hold the citizenship of their parents home country. Only when one of the parents is Norwegian can a child be born Norwegian. So this method of having a baby to try to stay in the country and claim benefits is not feasible.

    Birth and Child Benefits
    All babies born in Norway receive at least kr. 30,000 to be claimed only in the first year, and only if the mother is currently unemployed and has not had employment the previous year. All babies receive just under kr. 1000 a month. If you are a stay-at-home-mum/dad another kr. 3000 or so from 1 years to 3 years is given for home care. This cuts off at 3 years because you are expected to put your child in childcare and you are expected to return to full-time work. These benefits are for all children with parents who hold at least a Residency Permit status. Note: These benefits are for the child and is nowhere near enough to live on. The child’s other parent is expected to work and support the family, or if you are separated, will have to pay child maintenance. The Social Welfare system will support maintenance if the other parent isn’t working but this is very minimal. And of course, these guidelines only apply if the ‘new-mover’s’ Permits allow for such benefits.

    Medical Benefits
    Medical benefits are granted to all residents of Norway but as a ‘new-mover’ this is conditional on your entry to Norway. Each person is expected to pay up to kr. 2000,- a year in appointments before the ‘free’ Medical Benefits kick in. If you do not have a social number you will have to pay for your own medical fees. To get all the medical benefits you need to be a contributing member of the National Insurance scheme, meaning you earn enough money and have paid tax for at least 12 months. Children and pregnancy related medical appointments are free. Dentistry is not covered under the National Insurance Scheme and usually range between kr. 600-1000,- for general consultations. NOTE: A good amount of people get depression during the dark season and insomnia during the light season. This problem is not really addressed in Norway. Mental health is only recognised if a person has a serious condition such as autism. There is generally no services for anyone to see a therapist for emotional or life issues.

    Pension Benefits
    The basic Pension Benefits from the government (for retirement) are granted to those who are Settlement Permit/Permanent Permit holders, meaning you permanently live in Norway. (To get a Settlement Permit you must have lived in Norway for three years and attended at least 300 hours of Norwegian Classes.) Norway will only grant a basic pension from the time you have lived in the country. The rest of your pension will need to come from the other countries you have worked/lived in. If you have worked in Norway you will be granted more according to your average wage. The basic pension is similar to a students income. This is one of the reasons many Norwegians retire to Spain to try and stretch their money further. There are so many Norwegian retirees there that the prime minister even goes there to campaign. If you want things like a car, good food and a nice place to live you will need to work to add to your basic pension.

    Do You Really Want To Live In Norway? - My Little Norway

    If naa naka diri, pwede nimo makuha imong family as fast as 3 months, kay kailangan ra man ka ug 3month payslip ug other supporting documents para maka migrate namo diri ug mo settle. Don't worry about your kids nga dili kamao mo storya ug Norsk, kay not more than a month maayo na kaayo na. Dali ra na sila maka adapt ng mga bata.

    You Rights

    Importante nga makabalo ka sa imong rights ug ang balaod diri, kay ignorance of the law excuses no one. Hinoon ang ma priso diri, relax ra man, labi na ug mabutang ka sa Bastoy Prison.

    here are few links about sa imong rights as employee:
    Employment Law Guide - Norway | Business Weekly | Technology News | Business news | Cambridge and the East of England
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    Job hunting websites

    SAM - Home
    Careers — Aibel
    Career - Aker Solutions
    NOV Careers: Job Search
    Job Search | Competence Center for Immigrants
    engineering supply
    Personal Partner
    Careers - TTS Group ASA
    agencies - Norwegian Exports, Nortrade
    Vacancies - NECON
    Career - Imenco AS
    Astra North as / Career Reise, Oppdrag, Torget, Eiendom, Bil, MC, Båt...
    *gamit lang ug google chrome para sa autotranslate. dinha nagtapok ang mga employer ug headhunters.

    Salary Negotiations

    Required by UDI, ang salary nimo should be 343K NOK/year para maka work ka sa Norway. Ang average salary nila on 2012 was 500K NOK/year. IF nag sweldo ka ug 600K/year NOK and above mas ok na cya. Pero don't worry, ang imong sweldo ug cost of living sakto ang pagka proportion.

    Other useful sites

    - My Little Norway
    Norway forum, forum expat Norway

    Front page - UDI
    Norway - the official site in the Philippines

    Salary to Cost of Living rundown

    Sample for average salary

    500K NOK / annum
    41, 666 per month before tax
    41, 667 x 0.65 = 27,083 NOK after tax

    Rent + Cable TV + Internet + Utilities : 5,300 NOK (package for single room), 8,000~10,000 (for whole house with 1 or 2 bedrooms, living, bathroom and kitchen).
    Food : 500NOK a week
    Transpo : 640NOK a month
    IDD calls + mobile internet : FOC depends on company

    mao ra na sa pagkakaron.


    It's been 6 months na d i sukad ni abot ko diri, so mao ra ni akng ikadugang nga updates sa panginabuhi diri...

    * There are two types of work diri sa Norway:

    Consultants - means you are paid in hours, high salary, no salary on holidays (no-work, no-pay), will be easily laid off during recessions, usually 6 months to 1 year ang work deployment, unstable but high-paid, and after deployment kay maghuwat napod ka ug laing job order, not so high pension system compared to permanent, and not so competitive insurance system compared to permanent employees.

    Permanent - means monthly paid, not so high salary compared to consultants (depende sa imng experience), have salary on holidays, not to be laid off so easily, you will have insurance including your family, you will also have pension.

    so, if ganahan ka ug dakug kwarta pero risk, then go for consultancy. pero if ganahan ka ug stable, then go for permanent....remember (bahala'g ginagmay, basta kanunay.)

    * i was working in a consultancy before but, after 5 months i managed to find a new job. i got 2 job offers; one is a consultancy company to be deployed at National Oilwell Varco (NOV) and good for 1 year, and the other one is a permanent employment in a drilling company. Both got the same salary offer, and both are good companies. But the winning points were, stability and the experience that i will gain and so i went to the drilling company with permanent employment.

    so, i think naay daghang trabaho diri basta kahibaw lng ka mo apply ug naa sd kay ginagmay nga experience.

    * I was able to sponsor a visa for my wife and applied it after 3 months nga naa ko diri, kay isa sa requirement ky ang 3 months nga payslip, and she got approved and she will be moving here this October, and hopefully we can start our own family here.

    * if you are a catholic, ang simbahan diri, tagsa ra kada main nga lugar or city, dili sd kaau dagku ang area. usually 1 ra ka english mass, unya naay filipino mass kaisa sa isa ka buwan. ang simbahan dili pod tibook adlaw abre, kana ra kng naay misa or naay activity.

    * dili kaau kailangan nga naa kay cash permi nga dala, pero mas maau ug naa gamay kay usually ang imong payment ky by debit card ra.


    * ni apas akong wife dri after 7 months, and she got her visa approved in Singapore while I was on my 6th month.

    * your spouse and childre is also covered in health care system and benefits. If she gets pregnant, she will receive 36,000NOK that is around 200K pesos. If she will deliver, then everything is free. From 1 month to 12 month of the child, naay allowance nga 2000 NOK every month that is around 12K pesos. Thereafter, you will receive 990NOK every month from age 2 y.o. to 18 y.o. that is around 6K pesos a month.

    * learning Norsk is not so expensive, it will cost about 7000 NOK for 6 months and that's for A1 level, that's around 42K pesos. But for refugees, it is free. A1, A2, B1 and B3 levels have the same price.

    * getting a driving license is very expensive. before you could get a driving license, you must take the driving lessons from a driving school. It will cost around 30,000 NOK that is around 200K pesos. yes, that's the price....kantidad na ug pang down ug auto sa atoa. kay ang atong licensya dri, dili jud accredited maski international license pa. you can only drive for 3 months upon arrival, pero if naa ka permanent address dri, dili naka pwede maka drive after 3 months.

    driving lessons would take 3-4 months...and sometimes can take more, depending on your driving skills. if you can get a driving license here in Norway, you could drive in the Schengen countries.

    * owning a car is cheaper hinoon, you could own a decent car from 30,000 NOK thats around 180K pesos. Some are also cheaper. Car is a must-have diri and really necessary. Unlike sa atoa nga sometimes pang status-symbol lang.

    * buying a house...a 10-15% of the amount is needed when you are not over 34yo, depending on the bank. and 20% is needed if over 34yo. 10% is around 2-3 years of savings...mostly houses ranges from 2Milyon and can get cheaper if mas layo sa city.

    * we also have SINULOG festival here, but depending on the church. Pero here in Bergen, naa sd salo-salo ug saya2x ug misa.

    * airplane tickets going to US, and other European countries are cheap. you could visit any country you want. pero heading home sa atoa is quiet expensive, it will cost about 8000 NOK a two-way that's around 45K pesos.

    * it is really important here nga naay mo guide nga Norwegian family nga kahibalo sa mga sikot2x sa kinabuhi diri. Dili maayo ang maglain-lain or magsinarili diri.


    * I was able to sponsor my mother's second visit with no hassle at the immigration.

    * Got my permanent residency approved.

    * Got my first house which bank requires 15% equity. Housing here in Norway is really expensive. Normal house with 1 bedroom could cost 12M pesos outside the city area.

    * Able to speak Norwegian but not so fluent.

    * due to low oil price, I was sent to temporary layoff 1.5 year ago, and was able to get back to work after 4 months. Walay kurat kay ang gobyerno ang naghatag sa sweldo within 4 months samtang walay trabaho. Nowadays, the government will support upto 2 years...this is one of the perks of paying high taxes.


    * Able to build up networks with friends and colleagues

    * When shifting from jobs to jobs or when your colleague resigns, always maintain contact and don't ever burn bridges. Kay time will come nga manginahanglan ra ka sa iyang tabang

    * Got my citizenship approved

    * Was still able to find a new job even pandemic hit

    * IMPORTANT: When somebody in this forum asks for details on how you got your job, don't hesitate to answer, give info and advice.
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    schengen man ni norway boss noh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by geerkulang View Post
    schengen man ni norway boss noh?
    yup, schengen. Pero dili member sa EU

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    Very nice Boss Pepz!
    Nindot diay diha kay mogwapo ka... kay bread & salmon ra man kinaon pirmi. Payts ra kaayo!

    ...a NorweToryan is born!

    Question boss: Kung gikan ka sa atoa, unsa nga airline ang maayo sakyan? 17hrs to 24 hrs ang flight noh?
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    Very nice TS, was planning to do a research about going there unta kay I heard a lot of good things didto sa ilang system but I'm glad nasugatan nako ni imo thread today. Thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackdi View Post
    Very nice Boss Pepz!
    Nindot diay diha kay mogwapo ka... kay bread & salmon ra man kinaon pirmi. Payts ra kaayo!

    ...a NorweToryan is born!

    Question boss: Kung gikan ka sa atoa, unsa nga airline ang maayo sakyan? 17hrs to 24 hrs ang flight noh?
    Wa sad ko idea boss, pero matod sa akng kaila Lufthansa daw, mga 24 hrs pod ang byahe. Pero kadto akoa, dinha man ko nanukad SG, Qatar Airways to. 22Hrs byahe apil na ang transfer, SG-DOHA-DENMARK-NORWAY na. PEro dili maayo ang connecting kay gawas sa kapoi pa ka, daku kaau ug chance nga mabiyaan ka sa imong eroplano ug mabilin imong bagahe, parehas sa akoa nga nabilin ug denmark akng baggage pero maau nalang kay gi hatod ra dayun pagka ugma.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by higanstolsdawen View Post
    daghan vitamins sa mga mata diha boss? dili pareha sa singapore nga mga talikodgenic.
    hahahahaha...kung akong kauban nga bisdak pa storyahon, grabeh daw mao nga ampay kaau nya mag joggng kay mag sunod2x adtong mga chx.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by geerkulang View Post
    aw dali ra d.i kaayo mg train2x boss gikan italy, legal mga prosti diha boss?
    Murag ma train ra mn tingale na cya. Di ko sure ha, ato pa na e research.

    Dili legal boss, ang balaod diri...kung ikaw manghagad sa baye, siguradong illegal na, paksit ka ana ug mosumbong ug pulis. pero kng ang baye manghagad nimo, kana pwede ra na.

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    C.I.A. jackdi's Avatar
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    Jul 2007
    How about ang basic Cost of Living nato diha Bossing?

    [ monthly ]

    Salary ------ NOK$ 30k (? - 343/12 to 500/12)

    Rent (room) ----- NOK$ 6k
    Food ------------
    Utilities ----------
    Transpo ---------
    Internet ---------
    IDD calls ---------
    Cable TV ? -------
    Last edited by jackdi; 04-05-2014 at 03:31 PM. Reason: kr - nok

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