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Are you saving or spending? Get Paid to Save.

This discussion is about "Are you saving or spending? Get Paid to Save." in the "Overseas" forums.
Originally Posted by RoyFollman I like your idea, but I don't trust these companies, it sounds too good to be real. Some months ago I ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoyFollman View Post
    I like your idea, but I don't trust these companies, it sounds too good to be real. Some months ago I invested some money on trading and I lost all the money, I have lost all my confidence in making online money but one of my friends suggested, he followed all the steps that are written there and now he left the work because the online business brings him a good income. Yesterday I started to make all the steps that were written there.
    After 2 days have you succeed in that? Or it is about months of hard work?

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    At the beginning day of my career, it was hard to save honestly. But fortunately, after few years of my career, I can do savings monthly. Although it is still tough with family and personal expenses but if you want to save something for your future, then you would have to limit your luxury expenses.

    I preferred to save in physical gold in the early years, but later, I noticed it is a little unsafe, and you need to enhance security to conduct such ventures. That's why now I am investing in gold billions online. In this regard, I am using this SBK Gold app, and it is quite easy to buy and sell gold billions online here. Even this platform also permits me to withdraw my gold investment in the form of physical gold from their office.

    Similarly, you can also make savings in the form of digital currencies. I noticed Bitcoin is very popular because of its prices' surges.

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