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what'll happen if mag damgo ka nga maibot imu ngipon?

This discussion is about "what'll happen if mag damgo ka nga maibot imu ngipon?" in the "The Occult" forums.
kuyaw pud ni kung tinuod sah...

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    kuyaw pud ni kung tinuod sah

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    angels communicate in different ways...

    tinuod man or dili, its may mean u thought it is or not...

    but mao ni ang msg... consider it something as a warning or maybe a guide...

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    resulta tingai ni sa imong pag kagot bro mao nagdamgo kang matangtang na imong ngipon. hahaha joke

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    hehe. no its NOT about 'someones about to die' blah2. its about a decision so important to you but its just too hard for you to make that decision.

    question: why teeth? that dream about your teeth reflects your anxieties about your appearance and/or how others perceive you.

    to the ts: think about the past few days, or days before you had that dream if you have had a hard time making a decision on something that you think might result to a bigger change to yourself, or what others think about you.

    this happened to me a couple of times. i was really amazed of how my friend knew about my problem when i told her that i had these dreams of falling teeth.
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    wishing for a tooth fairy,

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