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Itsm vs itom

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    Default Itsm vs itom

    What is the difference between ITSM and ITOM?

    The present hybrid environment is pushing enterprises to have clear end-to-end solutions for their IT infrastructure.
    Two terms, ITSM (IT Service Management) and ITOM (IT Operations Management) often form part of conversations around streamlining IT operations. Therefore, in this blog, we will know what these terms mean, how they are different, how one should choose, and why they matter for modern IT infrastructure.
    Most IT companies want to minimize the average time it takes to resolve a ticket, which is why treating ITSM and ITOM as part of an overarching idea around designing, delivering, and maintaining IT services is important, starting with understanding their meaning and then the differences.

    What is ITSM?

    ITSM (IT Service Management) is the approach from where an organization manages and delivers IT services to its customers and end-users. It includes designing, developing, delivering, and supporting IT services. With ITSM processes organizations can develop systems that contain evolving technologies and expectations. It also helps in having standardized IT and Non-IT services and acquire actionable insights for better decision-making.

    What is ITOM?

    ITOM (IT Operations Management) is the process of managing all the technical aspects of delivery services to the end users. It includes all the activities that are responsible for the seamless execution of the IT services supporting IT infrastructures such as monitoring availability of infrastructure and services including on-premises data centers, managing the provisioning, cost, capacity, performance, security, private cloud deployments, and public cloud resources.
    The Difference between ITSM and ITOM

    Now it is time to discuss how they are different.

    Concentrates on how IT teams provide services and end-user-centric and more visible Concentrates on event management, performance monitoring, the procedures IT teams use to handle themselves and their internal operations.
    Represents value chains of people, processes, and technology that work together. Represents system health, uptime of infrastructure components such as storage, servers, and networks
    Focused on how services are delivered by IT teams. Focused more on the processes IT teams use to manage themselves and their internal activities.
    Service Management including incident, change, problem. Operation management mainly on the infra side such as event management and automation
    Mostly focused on how the services are delivered and provided to the IT teams.

    The new ITIL v4 tells that ITOM is a subset of ITSM, which is true in most cases since they are both interlinked. Using both in a business can solve some of the following problems:
    >Loss of Productivity
    >Poor User Experience
    >Regulatory and Policy Gaps
    >Wasted Time-spend

    The Co-relation between ITOM-ITSM

    Letís go through how you can manage ITSM and ITOM together in a unified, synchronized, and collaborative way and generate maximum business value. Letís look at some of the common elements.

    Without an efficient IT Asset Management (ITAM) in line, it is not possible to have ITSM and ITOM right. The successful ITAM depends on the discovery of IT assets in a precise, systematic and timely manner. This may require a mapping of the co-relation that links ITSM and ITOM, the services the IT teams provide, and the end-users who consume them.
    Another component to accomplish the successful ITSM and ITOM is Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The CMDB performs as a single platform from where organizations can precisely and reliably fulfill their ITSM, ITOM, and ITAM efforts.

    ITSM and ITOM efforts should be properly aligned and backed by the IT infrastructure to maximize the processes for an organizationís IT infrastructure.

    ITSM and ITOM as a Combination

    ITSM and ITOM as a combined solution can enable an enterprise to become more flexible and proactive to get better support and fulfill their strategic needs of the business.

    The integration of both ITSM and ITOM together can facilitate an agile IT environment by reducing MTTD, MTTR, and WIP.

    When you combine service and operational management organizations can:

    >Automate the incident resolutions.
    >Point out and segregate the root cause of incidents.
    >Focus on the response by urgency and impact.
    >Assign incidents to the right teams.
    >Contextualize alert floods and impacted business services.
    >Integrate communications and ticketing bi-directionally.
    >Control and maintain the entire life cycle of IT assets, from the beginning of CMDB.
    >Monitor the allotment of resources to cut down on IT spend.

    Benefits of ITSM and ITOM Approach for a Business

    After understanding the differences, similarities, and technicalities of the ITSM and ITOM concepts, the next question that one must be thinking about is - what are the benefits of using ITSM and ITOM approaches that can help businesses?

    Here is the list of business benefits that you can lookup Ė

    With a holistic approach to services, infrastructure, and operations organizations can enable rapid digital transformation.

    Eliminate service outages and increase flexibility using intelligent automation.

    Get an improved analysis of your organizationís data center and IT assets by aligning them with day-to-day business decisions.

    Leverage automation to cut-down the costs and have improved customer experience, more effective resolutions, and offering better self-service.

    Better co-ordination between IT elements to respond to faster agile processes and minimizing the risks.

    Get a complete overview of companyís assets, endpoints, and vulnerabilities by applying multi-layered security.
    Reduce waste and increase operational efficiency by automating previously fragmented services and operations.
    Get real-time analysis of trends to plan future strategies and make appropriate business decisions.

    Overall, both ITSM and ITOMís objectives are similar and they even have similarities for proving appropriate solutions for their customers, overheads and risks. To have better services Motadata ServiceOps can help businesses in leveraging automation and predictive intelligence to manage both ITSM and ITOM and your IT teams work together.
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