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Pldthomefibre wps pin

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I've found out that all households using the PLDT Fibre router have the same WPS PIN. This should be alarming as we all know that ...

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    Default Pldthomefibre wps pin

    I've found out that all households using the PLDT Fibre router have the same WPS PIN. This should be alarming as we all know that if you have your WPS turned on, it is really easy to crack your wifi WPA/WPA2 Key (just a few seconds).

    You should always turn off your WPS capability if you don't want your neighbor enjoying your internet for free.

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    Do you have any arguments or something that can prove that? I mean, if this is true then I need somebody that can do hash cracking thru WPA!?

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    It is possible to crack the WPA password by brute forcing the WPS key. Pero takes time and effort bossing. Once masakpan sa tag-iya na you are leeching sa internet nila then ilisan nasad og bag-o ang WPA password. Balik nasad ka sa process kapoy.

    Subscribe nalang ko og ako lol.

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    The router has a eight-digit PIN that you need to enter on your devices to connect. Rather than check the entire eight-digit PIN at once, the router checks the first four digits separately from the last four digits. This makes WPS PINs very easy to “brute force” by guessing different combinations. There are only 11,000 possible four-digit codes, and once the brute force software gets the first four digits right, the attacker can move on to the rest of the digits. Many consumer routers don’t time out after a wrong WPS PIN is provided, allowing attackers to guess over and over again. A WPS PIN can be brute-forced in about a day. Pretty much the same system uses GPU hash, a strong and smart system to get a password, well, it can guess it in some minutes. So be very careful, guys.

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