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Getting Started:
1. Choose either to be single handed or double handed. This will give you an idea of what sort of weaponry and armor you will need to buy.
2. You have a choice now. You can upgrade your stats, or you can see if you can afford a new weapon. Use your money wisely. If you would like to go on missions, keep at LEAST 10 gp on you.

Missions and Taverns:

1. To use your mission time, go in 10 minute increments. This will give you the best amount of money for your time.
2. When your mission time is gone, go to the Tavern. There you will see some choices. You can choose the amount of time you want to spend on a tavern. This is a job that will give you money without taking yours. However, you are free to be attacked during a tavern meaning you may lose gold.

Money Management:
1. It is best to spend your gold before going to bed or going on a tavern. This way no one will get it before you have the chance to spend it.
2. Keeping your gp below 50 will insure that no one takes more than 5 gp off you at a time.
3. If you keep a lot of money on you, be warned that people will not have sympathy for you. Instead, they shall start to hit you and spread word to their guild that you have money. This is called a rich list and if you are placed on one, good luck getting off.


1. If you would like to join a guild, go to the guild page and type in the name of the guild you would like to join. Also, if you have the name of a friend in a guild you want to join, you can find their guild from your friend’s page. There will be a link to the guild that the person is in on their char. page.
2. Another way you can find a guild is to post in the forum’s “Knights Seeking Guilds” page. Choose the correct server you are on and post a blurb. There is a template for you to follow.

And the biggest rule of all… HAVE FUN!!!!