- Only 4,200 pesos, slightly negotiable.
- Cosmetics-8.5/10
- Functionalities 10/10
The AX5G has a number of different effects, mods, amps, etc. on it. This gives a wide range of possible sounds. The acoustic simulator also gives a very nice acoustic simulated sound. The pedal can go from heavy distortion to nice and clean and back again. This is all possible because of the big amount of amps, cabs, mods and effects. The amps contain rare tube amps, heavy distorted amps and boutique amps. In combination with the various cabinets more and more combinations are possible. This pedal contains the same ship as Korg’s pride: the AX3000G.

Compressor: this well-known effect has got two parameters: sensitivity and level (volume).
Pickup Simulator: this effect is pretty rare. It simulates pickups, so that you can choose between humbucker pickups sound or the single coil pickupssound. The parameters on this one are Type of pickup, Level, Phase, Phase mix and sensitivity.
Acoustic Simulator: pretty self-explaining name. The parameters are Top, Body, Type and Mix.
Slow Attack: this effect let’s the sound “grow” after you played it. You play it, and then the sound fades in slowly. Parameter is only Attack.
AutoWah: this effect gives more wah if you hit the strings harder. The parameters are Sensitivity, Attack, Order and Type.
Phaser: this known effect is also known as U-Vibe and gives a pitch vibe to the sound. The parameters are Speed, Depth, Order, Type and Manual.
Chorus: this known effect contains the parameters Speed, Depth, Resonance and Manual. Ring Modulator: this is a extraordinary effect. It contains the parameters osc frequency (?), Effect, Direct and Filter.
Drone: drone is the last usable effect on the AX5G and it has the parameters Key (so e.g. A, or G# ), Mix and resonance.
Wah is a uncategorised effect. The expression pedal can be used as Wah pedal, and the parameters are Manual, Attack, Order and Type.

The AC 15TBX, one of the modeled cabs

The AC 15TBX, one of the modeled cabs
There are 16 amp/drive models on the AX5G. I’m going to list them with their parameters and their auto-assigned cabinet.
Tube Overdrive (gain, tone, volume, Tweed 1x
Boutique overdrive (gain, tone, volume, Tweed 1x12)
Fat Distortion (gain, tone, volume, Tweed 4x10)
Orange distortion (gain, tone, volume, Black 2x10)
Metal distortion (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, US V30)
Shred distortion (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, UK T75)
Fuzz (gain, tone, volume, UK H30)
Octave Fuzz (gain, tone, volume, UK H30)
Boutique Clean (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, UK H30)
Black 2x12 (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, Black 2x12)
AX15 (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, AC 15TBX)
AC30TB (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, AC 30TBX)
UK668P (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, UK H30)
UK ’80 (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, UK H30)
UK modern (gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, UK T75)
US modern(gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, amp/line, US V30)

Before we go to the Mods, there’s one button before it. It’s called Level/Nr/Cab. Here you can set the level (volume), the noise reduction, the cabinet model and the expression pedal range. Here’s a list of the mods, they all have three or more parameters. Rotary is the only one with two parameters.
Classic Chorus
Multi Tap Chorus
Classic Flanger
Bi Chorus
Duo Phaser
Pitch Shifter
Random Step Filter

Last but not least, there’s a list of delay/reverb sounds possible. These all have parameters like time, Hi/Low damp and feedback.
Multi Head Echo
Modulation Delay
Stereo Delay
Pinpong Delay

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