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MERGED: One Piece Discussions

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of course luffy... and i kind of like dragon as well...

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    Default Re: your fave character sa one piece

    of course luffy... and i kind of like dragon as well

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    Default Re: One Piece

    ONE PIECE 620 spoiler enjoy!!!

    and yes, arlong park is back, yohoho

    Chapter 620: The Theme Park we dreamed of (yarned for)
    Cover Story: Island of Rare Animals
    Gaimon got a girlfriend! Sarfunkel, a woman in a barrel
    (Probably a joke on Simon & Garfunkel)

    Ryuguu Palace, in the corridors
    The soldiers in the castle all got out safely, except for the King
    They are going to reinforce their forces and return
    In Gyoverly Hills, that NFP lieutenant that laughs "Muhhihhi" is seen
    In front of the Fishman Cultural Hall, Hyouzo
    At the Marine Shopping Mall, that striped NFP lieutenant is forcing people for "fumie"
    (In feudal Japan, fumie was a picture of Jesus that they made people step on, to find out the christians as Christianity was banned)
    He tells them they either step on the picture or leave the island
    At the Town of Watermill, Prince Fukaboshi is seen enraged.
    The picture of the fumie was that of Queen Otohime, his deceased mother.

    At the Coral Hill, people are talking after Luffy & Co left the area
    Cariboo was in the shadows, and saw Princess Shirahoshi
    He is scheming how she is 7-8 times the size of a normal mermaid, so she'll fetch a heafty price at auction

    Sorry, I have to take a break. I can't remember the names of the lieutenants either...
    (this is T's comments, so there's probably more to come and this is just first half)

    Scene changes to the Forest of Sea
    Jinbe tells Shirahoshi that he will save the king
    Sanji brings tea, but Nami cuts him off (?)
    Nami wants to hear Jinbe. Sanji heard fro Yosaku, so he knows already
    Two years ago when Sanji saw Luffy and Jinbe on the newspaper, he was confused
    He was thinking Jinbe was a scheming one like Arlong
    Sanji: Hey Jinbe... If you want to give excuses, we'll hear it. But you better watch your tongue...
    To tell you the truth, Nami-san's home town was the one under Arlong's rule.
    She herself is one of those who had to endure unending pain and misery...
    I may not forgive you, depending on your tale...!!
    Hachi also admits they scarred her beyond redemption
    Small flashback of Nami, Nami's face is saddened
    When she saw Shabaody Park two years ago, she coudln't believe her eyes.
    It was very identical to Arlong Park

    Hachi starts telling the story (long story short, the fishmen longed for the world humans lived in)
    Jinbe starts telling his tale.
    "Two people rose to do something about racism of humanity, and the predicament of fishmen. Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger.
    But the fact the Pirates of the Sun who stood against the world government was out free in the sea worked against Otohime's work to try and bring peace and friendship between human and their kind.
    Queen Otohime tried to endure the painfull times, and change the future.
    Fisher Tiger gave up on the future, and instead took action to free the slaves right now.
    I cannot judge who was right and who was wrong... But I.... "

    Flashback starts. 15 years ago, Grand Line
    Fisher Tiger stands, in between Jinbe and Arlong.


    Yes, Tiger's face is shown. A fishman of sea bream.
    He's not too hulky, but he is older (middle age)
    Jinbe has hair. Both him and Arlong are younger
    Hachi looks like a grunt.

    The girl in the barrel is small, and somewhat cute (lol)
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    Default Re: One Piece

    Lol'd at Gaimon and Sarfunkel. Nice one, Oda-sensei. Haha.

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    Default Re: One Piece

    Sanji's enemy is clear.

    Caribou is going down.

    Logia? plz bitch.

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    Default Re: One Piece

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    Default Re: One Piece

    one piece is so early today.... enjoy....

    One Piece 620 - Read Online at Manga Stream

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    Default Re: One Piece

    early birds catches early worms....


    basa m0de.....

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    Default Re: One Piece

    nalingaw ko ni Sanji kay nikalit ug ka-serious sa story ni Jinbei. atleast kabalo na gyud siya mo-handle sa iyang emotion gamay.

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    Default Re: One Piece

    Si Tiger man tong ga free nila Hancock diay.. I think it's going to be Hodi vs Jinbei.. and maybe Decker vs Luffy... but Luffy' so trong now.. maita ang iya lng mga nakama mu pildi ani nila uy.. hahahaha Sichibukai level na gud daan si Luffy without haki.. how much more na kahbaw na xa mu gamit..=]

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