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He's married, She's married BUT

This discussion is about "He's married, She's married BUT" in the ""Love is..."" forums.
Originally Posted by ZD14 Ive been married for almost 9 yrs now with 2 kids... my relationship with my husband right now is a little ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZD14 View Post
    Ive been married for almost 9 yrs now with 2 kids... my relationship with my husband right now is a little over than okay... but im not happy anymore... here comes this other guy, we both met in an online game... (a game introduced to me by my hubby, which i've grown addicted to ) hubby introduced me to him and he became my friend instantaneously... he is also married with 2 kids... and we are geographically separated (very far jd)... things were going smooth and we became more close than usual... we started exchanging emails and would chat online more often now... until it became obvious to us that we had a mutual extra special feelings towards each other... i know it was wrong, but damn! that feeling of kilig and excitement was so euphoric like it was a drug, he was my drug... so in short, i allowed him to get personal with me (but still through the game or fb, ddnt exchange numbrs bec we knew it wud cause a problem) i literally enjoy his company more than my husband's... but then, guilt is eating me up inside... but i also dont wanna lose whatever i have with him... according to him "what we hav is special yet cannot be bounded or defined by words" PAK! there goes my delimma... i cnt seem to stop liking this guy now, he even planned to come and see me in person (well he actually bought tickets for the holidays) which i think is a very bad idea... i know we dont have a future together but everytime i talk about, he jst says "hu knows"... in a few years time ill be going to wer he resides now becoz of work, which he thinks is an advantage... but im scared, i cant trust myself, atleast not now that is... until now, we continue our forbidden relationship... but the guilt is still there... how should i go about this? i know this fling might not last, but can i atleast enjoy it while it still lasts?
    TS, kmusta na? 4 years ago na..unsa nay update?

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    nasung sungan na si ts...

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