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Why do you love me?

This discussion is about "Why do you love me?" in the ""Love is..."" forums.
this is a common situation.. a gurl ; why me ? I mean why do u love me? Boy : .silent...mag lisud ug tubag.... and ...

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    Default Why do you love me?

    this is a common situation..

    a gurl ; why me ? I mean why do u love me?
    Boy : .silent...mag lisud ug tubag....
    and vice versa...

    i rememebr its really hard to answer that question.....

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    Default Re: Why do you love me?

    once and lalaki dili ka tubag..dili ka nya love or no intension at all..nahan lang sya for the sake na uyab mo....or naa syay kailang nimo.....

    no offense guys....kay once maglisod ug tubag...either tense nope..wla lang gyud syay ma sulti....ROFL

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    Default Re: Why do you love me?

    i dunno... i just love you...buot?? <=== kana ako tubag bah kung pangutan-on ko ana na question..

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    maybe s3x ra ge apas

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    i know heaps of couples can never answer this question once theyre being ask why they love their partners. some would say he/she is a good husband/wife, a great provider, a loving and understanding partner...but its not all about that...its hard to explain why u love the person esp.if u know that its true love. i used to cant find an answer everytime my hubby ask me why i love him..why him?despite our age gaps and everything...why it has to be him. it took me awhile to think the things we've been through...and finally ive got the answer thinking back on the things he have done to me...and this is why i love him..

    I can be myself when I am with him.

    His idea of romance is dimlights, softmusic, and just the two of us.

    Because he makes me feel like,like, like I have never felt before.

    I can tell him anything, and he won't be shocked.

    His undying faith is what keeps the flame of love alive

    Him and me together, we make magic.

    We're a perfect match.

    Thinking of him, fills me with a wonderful feeling.

    His love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead.

    He never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going.

    He is simply irresistible

    I love him because he brings the best out of me.

    His terrific sense of humor

    Everytime I look at him, my heart misses a beat

    He's the one who holds the key to my heart

    He always say what I need to hear (he is perfect).

    Love is, what he means to me - and he means everything.

    He is my theme for a dream.

    I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to him.

    And, of-course, his intelligence, 'cause he was smart enough to fall in love with me!!

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    ang angay itubag sa why me: no choice man gud ikaw may na timingan saon nalang

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    I love you for no reasons at all, totally unexplainable. All I know is that I'm inlove and I kept of falling inlove with you and only you..
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    It doesn't matter why or when or how, but what matters is it did.

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    the boy is ma owa pa siya or tonogd sa ka nervous or wala pa siyay klaro towards sa babae

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    i love you because you make me laugh.
    i love you because we can talk about anything.
    i love you because of who you are & because you're you.

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