All of us are experiencing hard times in our

life...and me in my 7 years of married life, not a

single week that i haven't experience hard times with

my family yet i still keep on struggling and making my

married life works....not only for my children but for

what i feel for my husband.

I always seek for answers if what im doing is right.

One day as I was surfing the net, i bumped into this

article ....

Sad Love Quote from Movie The Story of Us
Sad Love Quote from Movie The Story of Us | Heartbreak | Heartbreak Quotes | Broken Heart

I was depressed that time, so when i saw the word sad

love quote, it caught my attention and continue

reading on with the article. As i read it, i realized

it was really meant for me. The ANSWER for what i am

seeking for.. It is short and nothing much to say

about what happen to the story, but i know if i will

be able to see the movie, there are so much things to

learn about it.

Read this article. As of now, i am still working on

finding a copy of the movie.