Hi all,

We are looking for a freelancers web developer para mobuhat ug prototype sa amu mga planned products.
please pm me your rate if you are interested.

I also work in software development industry and i can judge if your rate is reasonable or not. If your rate is too expensive then We will need more than just code from you, but also includes the architectural design plan, and everything that is needed in software engineering, but if your rate is not that high then we will do the architecure design and planning ourselves.
that means whatever is your rate and based from your experiece you will get the project.

Right now, all i can say is the product is an ecommerce website, which will follow standard ecommerce layout and design.
ofcourse full system ni cya with database access and everything.

interested participants will need to sign an NDA to know the full details of the product.
and if you get the project, I will let you sign a contract.

Just pm me if interested.