Metro Gaisano is currently looking for young and dynamic individuals who can fill out the above positions:


High school Graduate


- 18-22 years of age
- at least 5'2 in height


-18-22 years of age
- at least 5'5 in height

College Graduate


- at least 18-25 years of age
- at least 5'0 in height


- at least 18-25 years of age
- at least 5'5 in height.

-if you know someone who is looking for a job that certainly fits the following qualifications you may let him/her apply personally at Metro Gaisano's new corporate office located at C.d Seno St.corner W.O Seno St. Guizo, Mandaue City, yellow orange building ( beside mandaue hall of justice and at the back of CICC).If interested kindly bring the following requirements:

-biodata/ resume
-application letter
-original sss
-original birth certificate
-orig tor (college level/graduate),orig highschool card or form 137 (Highschool graduate)
-police clearance

(wear blouse,skirt and closed black shoes for females)

(wear polo,black slacks and black leather shoes for males).