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If YOU were the PRESIDENT,... what would you do?

This discussion is about "If YOU were the PRESIDENT,... what would you do?" in the "Humor" forums.
This is about what YOU, as the PRESIDENT, suggest to be done about government, systems and policies. The most acceptable suggestions will be placed in ...

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    Default If YOU were the PRESIDENT,... what would you do?

    This is about what YOU, as the PRESIDENT, suggest to be done about government, systems and policies. The most acceptable suggestions will be placed in the top 10 reserved pages/comments (Updated 20180407)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Form of government: Status Quo (as it is); unless proponents of change have a convincing proposal; federalism is not an answer to corruption nor allocation of development funds; proper administration and audit is the likely solution
    -Transparency - Publication of the attendance, votes and achievements of congressmen/women and senators for nationwide information
    --strict and proper collection/refund
    --provisions to ensure that a minimum wage earner can support a family of three
    -Elimination of Political Dynasties - Outlaw the candidacy of 1st/2nd degree relatives for successive government positions up to 3 levels lower (governor, vice-governor, board member; mayor and vice-mayor)
    -Breakdown of Monopolies/Cartels - allow the entry of new local/foreign players who can provide guaranteed permanent better service at 10% less cost; China may be a willing investor but is it the best available technology?
    -Foreign business equity shall never be equal or greater than 50%
    --Citizens acting as dummies shall be prosecuted
    ---Involved companies shall be penalized
    -Protection of Sovereignty - Allow only joint research on declared sovereign areas; if China illegally built a structure on Philippine jurisdiction without any permission and without intent to share the benefits, why not allow the US to build a similar structure beside it in a joint benefit sharing?
    -Diversity: Respect for dissenting opinions to get a wider healthier perspective rather than a bandwagon mentality. Dissent of opinion must be expressed as allowed by law and without the use of arms or force.
    ---Accommodation of legal ideologies into the political party system
    ---Strong fist policy for bandits (kidnap, extortion) and armed rebels
    --Respect for Elected Opposition Leaders (Until proven fraudulent) - provision for the opportunity to contribute to significant government projects
    -Strict enforcement of forest/public land rules. Violators shall be prosecuted with the responsible government officials who tolerated the illegal acts
    --Malapascua Island
    --All beach/public lands in the Philippines
    -Controlled reciprocal emigration/immigration up to 10% of the citizenry population

    -Language - promote a minimum of 3 languages development in the educational system (the local dialect, Tagalog for non-Tagalogs or another dialect for Tagalogs. English plus 1 international language in college based on student preference)
    -Panatang Makabayan - restore the original version in the education system

    Penal System
    -No death penalty but convicts will be required to do hard physical labor for food quality upgrade privileges
    -Food provision - should be revised to make convicted criminals realize the hard prison life (work for better food) instead of the usual free board and lodging idea
    --Convicts who do physical work will be provided better food quality (lugaw and string beans for non-workers; additional meat or fish plus rice for workers)
    -Prosecution of Fake News Sources - all news sources should be identified as existing legal entities who could be held liable for wrong information. If the source is unidentified, whoever released the wrong information shall be held liable (especially for libel)
    -Anti-Drug Program - stiffer penalty for repeat offenders
    --User - required successful rehabilitation
    --Vendor/Pusher - imprisonment proportionate to quantity
    --Government Officers acting against legal anti-drug programs and objectives (facilitating the release of drugs through customs) - termination and prosecution
    --Government Officers abusing the powers of the Anti-Drug Program (alibi for illegal detention/injury/death) - termination and prosecution
    -Pardon Power - to be reviewed and approved by the Congress and the Senate to avoid abuse
    -Minors in criminal acts - DSWD and Psychological rehabilitation for 1st time offenders (required attendance of parent or legal guardian)
    --2nd offence (same or another punishable act) - To be prosecuted as an adult but detained in facilities for minors
    -Construction of medium-rise (4 storey with concrete rooftop) high-security buildings for prisons

    --Manila Zoo
    ---Review of staffing for employing only qualified and concerned employees
    ---Review of programs for animal welfare, containment improvement and breeding
    ----Missing hippotamus, Orangutang, Giraffe, snakes, seals
    ----low elephant population (1 from an original 3 or 4) in an all-concrete containment area
    ----empty cages
    ----birds at large
    ----boating facility
    ----playground facilities

    -Mobile Communications
    --Introduction of a new (foreign or local) competitor who could guarantee better services at the same price or 20% lower prices for equal services
    -Radio and TV
    --Advertisement limit to 20% of total program airtime
    --5% of total program airtime for public service, flash news and government advertisements/announcements

    Transportation System
    -Regardless of age, registered presently running vehicles shall comply with emission regulations. Non-compliant vehicles will be penalized and the registration suspended until fixed and proven to be compliant
    -Prosecution of officials and business entities who caused the delays in plates production/issuance

    Public Transport and Utilities
    -Mass transportation, Electricity and Water should be government services

    - - - Updated - - -

    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 2

    - - - Updated - - -

    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 3
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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 4

    - - - Updated - - -

    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 5

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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 6

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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 7

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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 8

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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 9

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    Reserved Space for Best Suggestions/Comments 0

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    If i were the president i will make Death Penalty for Murder,Rape,Corruption a top priority. I will abolish the congress if they wont submit to my will. I'll prove to people the it only takes strong political will to make things done no excuses.

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    kill criminals
    kill politicians
    kill drug users
    kill kill kill
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    1st move : solve the traffic... how? prohibit the sale of every automobile/motorcycle (even toys) and vehicles ageing 15 yrs above will go straight to the tunawan para himoon tansan.

    2nd move : solve the drug menace... how? flood the market with deadly poisoned-laced drugs.

    3rd move : government clean-up.... how? sorry such goal is not possible today, not even after 200 years from now. not unless there is a law, that every public officials (from streetcleaners/judges/president) will not have a single asset in his lifetime, everything is subsidized by the government. Any assets discovered will guarantee the complete annihilation of the public servants family.

    4th move : solve the congested jail/prison.... how? every individual who has served jail-time (both convicted/accused) will go straight to the meat processing section para isagol sa mga de-lata... this should become very very delicious and savory preserved foods.
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    death penalty by public hanging right after sentencing or after SC rejects point feeding these point wasting precious oxygen...

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    1. Hold government officials accountable through a timely and effective judicial system.
    2. Sue people / organization from spreading fake news. No proof no rights.
    3. Government should go online (donations, bidding's/payment, money transfers, bank transactions, etc) to ensure paper trail
    4. No religious holidays to avoid political inclination to a religion
    5. Remove the Aguinaldo doctrine.
    6. Corporal punishment even for minor offenses repeated chronically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slakker View Post
    kill criminals
    kill politicians
    kill drug users
    kill kill kill
    maau pud ni mka tabang sa over population

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    death penalty for corrupt government officials.

    the taxes that will be collected even with the existing tax law is enough if it is used and spent honestly by our government officials.

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    death penalty to the corrupt official

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