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Callcenter Bloopers

This discussion is about "Callcenter Bloopers" in the "Humor" forums.
nahitabo ni nako ghpon, pangkabuntag tan aw ko pokemon kay wa nay lain salida na boring para makatog ko gkan ko duty a2 and at ...

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    nahitabo ni nako ghpon,

    pangkabuntag tan aw ko pokemon kay wa nay lain salida na boring para makatog ko gkan ko duty a2 and at dat nyt work nsad ko balik den naa ko kol tiguwang mn gud as in hinay kay mu sulti maka duka gyd tungod ka2gon kay ko.I told him that the modem access code is at the bottom of the modem and mo insist mn gyd cya wla daw ni dako ako tingog ana ko na "flip the modem and u wil see a sticker there like POKEMON" naka mata kog kalit den wa pakay ko sure if nakaingon ba gyd kog pokemon, tubag ang customer na "what?" murag na relief rako kay i tot it was just my imagination, ni tan aw ko sa ako tupad kay he was staring at me, ana bitaw na cya na "nganong ga pokemon2x mo dha!!!" haskang uwawa lagi!!!

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    kani sa ako ni kauban sa ako previous na silag 60 y/o and up homeowners to update their medical insurance...then kani nga insurance company daghan og mga kinahanglan namo isulti kung kang kinsa mi nga rep nag call in behalf...

    agent: hi my name is.... i'm calling from...(rep's name, kalimot lang ko sa name sa rep) office...

    then na realize niya nga dili diay to mao iya rep nga dalaon...ana xa ay to make up sa iya sayop...

    agent: ay sorry...Patt Spurlock's office diay....

    hehehehe...pwerte namo lingawa..since then amo na dayon xa gisungog og Patt...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul_Captive View Post
    Lusot sad ai..hehehe
    hahaha.. kamao jud

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    customer: so how's the weather there in the philippines?
    agent: everything is ok, but its a bit warm in here (cebu) because its much closer to the equator

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    pag chur oist! hehehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by theused View Post

    E for Igloo..
    L for Elephant...
    Y for Wyoming...
    M for Emerald..
    na pa ai..

    Q for Cuba
    F for Fafa
    G for Gurlaloo


    AGENT: "For verification purposes, i need you to spell out your name please.."

    CUX: ..(spells out name)


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    snooring in the midlle of the call

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    Quote Originally Posted by L1Technician View Post
    Customer is calling for his Mac laptop that cannot connect to the Internet wirelessly.

    Note: Mac is using the Airport to connect to the network

    Customer: I am calling for my Mac computer, I cannot connect to my network

    Agent: Ok sir, I want you to go to the Airport and look for your network.

    Customer: For God sake, airport is too far from my house and it will take 5 hours to get there.

    patay tanan!!!hehe

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    now this one's real:

    the call went on for 25 minutes.
    i was just trying to walk her through to retrieving the text message i just sent her.

    Cx: *yaw-yaw maayo*
    Me: Alright, alright. We're almost there. Now you see that button above the number 1 button? How does it look like?
    Cx: What? You think I'm dumb or something? Of course it's got 4 and g-h-i!
    Me: *sigh*
    Me: Okay, cool. Thanks. This time, how about that button BELOW the number one button?
    Cx: Aaargh! What do you think of me? I'm not a child! I just told you, it's got 4 and g and h and i!
    Me: Okay, okay. Thanks. Now, I need you to charge your phone all the way up and call back when it's done. A'ight?
    Me: *presses mute* UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE.

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    naa pa, dungagan nato...

    while helping a cust set up his modem...

    Me: Ok sir, so we'll just check if we have everything in place. That yellow cable (ethernet), is it connected to the back of your computer?
    Cx: Yes, it is.
    Me: Alright, how about the thinner green cable (phone), where is it connected to?
    Cx: In my computer.
    Me: Sir, we're gonna need to connect that one to your phone jack because the service runs through the phone line.
    Cx: Are you sure? The computer is what I use to get my emails, not my phone sonny. I think I'll just get my neighbor to help me with this since it looks like you don't know what you're doing.
    WTF?! Hala cge! Pagbuotbuot jud kay bright man jud ka. Good luck nimu.

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