Once there were 4 men who were stranded on one of Africa's largest safaris. They had no food, water or maps to tell them where to go. After walking in one direction for hours, they find a house with a jeep on the side. They went near and inspected the jeep. The jeep was in a good condition but has no fuel in the tank.

The first man decided that they could go ask anyone inside the house if they can borrow the jeep and some fuel. The first man went in the house but after a couple of minutes he came back with only a reply "I cannot do it..."

The second man got confused but went in the house. When he came out he had the same response.

The third got curious and went in. The last got the same response.

The last went in and found an old woman. She was in the kitchen part of the house preparing sweet corns. When she saw him, she said "You must be with the other men. I will give you the jeep if and only if you will have *** with me."

Shocked but his mind was running very fast. He then finally said, "I will do it but you will have to keep your eyes closed all the time."

She agreed and went to her room. He picked up the plate with corn and followed her in. He used the corns on her and brought her to orgasm after 10 minutes. He threw the used corn out the window after he was done.

"Wow, if you do that again, I will give you a map and plenty of food and water for your trip." With that he started again with another corn. He threw it out again when he was done.

"Do that again and I will give you 5 million dollars..." He started once again with the last corn. After the deed was done the threw away the corn and put with 2 gallons of fuel, a large picnic basket and a bag of money into the jeep. He said goodbye the old woman and left.

He drove around and found the other men behind the house. He asked them what they were doing there.

"I don't know where you went but you just missed the best buttered sweet corns we ever tasted..." the first man answered.