Php. 16,000.00.... 35K ang brandnew..

Deep fryer for French Fries, Seafoods, PorkChops, Chicken, Fish Fillet, etc. simultaneous frying without producing odor.
Adaptable to 220 V power supply
Power rating is 2,000 watts
Made of highest quality 18/10 stainless steel
Oil capacity = 3.8 liters or 1.0 gallon
Frying capacity = 0.8 to 1.0 kl. of fresh or frozen food

Rectangular shape to accommodate long food items

Fitted with two [COLOR=#0000CC !important]thermostats:
  1. regulation [COLOR=#0000CC !important]thermostat

  1. -regulates temperature (setting ranges from 50 degrees C to 190 degrees C)
  2. safety thermostat - automatically cuts off power in case of overheating or in the absence or lack of oil

A red pilot light turns on when fryer is heating and off when the right temperature is attained[/COLOR][/COLOR]
A timer rings at the end of cooking time
With strainer at the bottom of the heating element that filters small food particles

With built in temperature and cooking time chart
Equipped with unique cold zone process

please call or text 0922-738-1401

RFS: never been used so selling it to anyone who needs it more