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Health Funatics Liquid Supplement Weight Loss and Beauty Products

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    Default Health Funatics Liquid Supplement Weight Loss and Beauty Products

    Introducing our starting line of liquid supplements offered first in the Philippines. This will be made available on Amazon for the US and International Market to enjoy.

    Liquid Supplement - Hair Skin & Nails 32 fl. oz.

    Liquid Supplement Garcinia Cambogia with Green Coffee Bean 32 fl. oz.

    Liquid Supplement Raspberry Ketone with L-Carnitine 1000mg 32 fl. oz.

    Why take supplements in Liquid Form?
    Almost half the population of America takes a daily vitamin supplement and most take them in convenient tablet form. Once upon a time pills were the only way to take vitamins, but advanced technology has now brought us gel caps, softgel capsules and liquid health vitamins so which form is best to take?

    Liquid Health Vitamins are Easily Digested
    Supplements are broken down in the stomach and then absorbed into the bloodstream as it passes through the small intestine. Some cheap vitamins in tablet-form and capsules are made up of bulk fillers that are resistant to being digested. You, in effect, are wasting your money since 90% of the vitamins and nutrients are expelled out of the body as waste before they can be effectively digested.

    In comparison, liquid supplements offer a head start in that digestive process. Liquids are simpler for the body to digest and are easily absorbed into the digestive tract.

    Liquid Health Vitamins are Natural and Bio-available
    Supplements should be as natural and unprocessed as possible. Vitamins taken as pills are usually synthetic whereas liquid vitamin supplements are commonly derived from plants. Being closer to the natural diet, liquid health vitamins can be considered to be more natural and are more bio-available. This is particularly important for supplements that are being taken for energy and weight management. One tablespoon added to water or juice or taken as it is delivers most of the nutrients faster than any other form of supplement delivery.

    Liquid Health Vitamins are Easy to Swallow
    Children and the elderly find swallowing tablets difficult, but a spoonful of pleasant tasting liquid is easy to take. A measured amount gives exactly the right balance of each vitamin and mineral.

    Liquid vitamins are the new way to supplement a healthy diet. Choose a formula that has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant enzymes, herbal extracts and whole food extracts in one simple-to-take dose, which is far more palatable than a handful of hard pills.

    Edible Virgin Argan Oil 500mg in Softgel form

    100 % Pure Argan Oil
    Certified Organic
    80 % Unsaturated Essential Fatty Acids
    High Amounts Of Vitamin E
    Omega 3,6, 9
    Paraben Free
    Cold pressed, sustaining the highest nutritive quality.
    Supports women’s cooperatives in Morocco.
    Packaged in a high quality and controlled environment.
    Made in Canada.
    Canada NPN 80036351

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    Very interesting, thanks for sharing it here! I would also like to recommend that you check out the service from for example which I think is a pretty cool and trusted one for some cool meds and different supplements. I am sure that you will find it helpful, good luck!

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