With one of the main problems remaining the chance to have low battery life, manufacturers are working hard to develop devices that would require less energy and be equipped with powerful batteries. At the same time being green still remains important.

With this in mind specialists from Pixel Qi, a company that specializes in low power usage screens, decided to develop a solar panel that could easily re-power the batteries of portable gadgets. Recently the company presented its latest system at Computex 2011.

The system is meant to be installed on tablet PCs to help them run fully on solar energy. It would be interesting to note that the system will make use of a small solar panel that will generate roughly 1W of energy. This will be sufficient to run both the Pixel Qi display and the ARM-based motherboard in the system.

Depending on the location the device can run non-stop for weeks and even months. Currently there has been no information on when an integrated system will hit the market or the cost for end users.