Thesis catches up like the snow of public utilities, always unexpectedly. And you have to clean up the heaps of questions. One of them is how much and what to write. There are no specifics to it, but reliable companies like write my papers have a whole team of writers who will work their hardest. But there are training manuals in which numbers from 65 to 120 sheets can be voiced. Let's figure out what the figure X depends on.

The volume of the thesis

Yes, this is not a term paper of 30 unfortunate pages. By the way, it can also be used in a term paper if you choose an identical or similar topic. Of course, if you are not ashamed of the course, and it has not been resold five times. Otherwise, reworking it is a good idea when you're editing my paper so see if you can find a professional to do it. The approximate ratio of pages in the term paper is 1-2 pages per introduction, conclusion, table of contents, bibliography, 20-25 pages per theoretical, analytical and applied chapter.

What else affects the term paper’s grading?

Specialty. There are areas in which verbosity is not welcome, and nothing can be written except in essence.

Theme. Not every question can be inflated into a huge balloon. When there is nothing to say, it is better to remain silent. Consequently, the term paper will be smaller. In such cases, the emphasis is on quality.

Direction. Technical and humanitarian specialties differ in their specificity and format. Even the size of theses differs depending on this criterion. And even more so.

The techies have the edge, but they can't afford to use the tricks of the humanities. Therefore, it is not clear here who was lucky: those who have to write 70 sheets in fact, or those who can stretch the “pleasure” for another 20 pages due to the skill of the word. You can't say much about physics, in contrast to bottomless jurisprudence. If you have absolutely nothing to write, don't try to come up with it and check out a book report cheat website that has some tips for you. Either look for the material, or leave it as it is. One, two or five pages can be forgiven, but fantasy and outright hack-work cannot.

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