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Terrible literature

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How to write a good book? More and more often I come across horribly written books. Don't they know how to make good books nowadays? ...

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    Default Terrible literature

    How to write a good book? More and more often I come across horribly written books. Don't they know how to make good books nowadays? This applies not only to books, but also to other literature

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    I couldn't agree more. Some books, newspapers are terribly written. I think it's all because they originally made the wrong structure and template for a newspaper. Here's a comparison - good newspaper templates, book templates, and bad templates I think you've already seen. It's frustrating that books are made so poorly in today's world, even though there is a lot of technology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arinas67 View Post
    How to write a good book? More and more often I come across horribly written books. Don't they know how to make good books nowadays? This applies not only to books, but also to other literature
    I too often ask myself this question.I love to read,but to find good modern literature is extremely difficult.There is certainly one good author (Elchin Safarli),but he will not like everyone.

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