Sewer repair service cost from $50 to a maximum of $25000. For normal trap related problems, it cost less than $50 and or $100 for material-based trap issue. Normal ordinary drainage system costs about thousand dollars to two thousand dollars in case of trenchless sewer repair it goes from five thousand to ten thousand dollars. Complete sewer solution cost up to twenty-five thousand dollars. Though repair sometime requires replacement of short length pipes, digging pit requires removal of over expanded roots of trees and plants. Water and sewage flooding cause a hazardous problem to the health of people. The price of the inspection sewer problem through a camera module is 300 to dollars and can be operated via professionalís hands. Large scale work of sewer repair whether it is ordinary or trenchless is doing after informing the officials of the city or area. Types of defects regarding drainage system are, bubbling sound which comes due to the trapped air into the pipe need to be escaped through sewer line or bowl make a bubbling sound, clogs problem which comes if someone uses toilet or basin for trashing oil or greasy substance and most of the hairs leads to a clog. This defect costs around 250 dollars each time. Clogs defect also comes along with foul smell mainly in the kitchen area that can be solved by giving power auger to that area. Extreme sewage in an area within the yard around the home shows that tree roots have penetrated the sewer pipe.