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Tell us a secret you know because of your work that others might not know

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i got this from a friend and just want to share: Full of awesome/shocking information. Various restaurants : This goes without saying but do not ...

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    Lightbulb Tell us a secret you know because of your work that others might not know

    i got this from a friend and just want to share: Full of awesome/shocking information.

    Various restaurants : This goes without saying but do not mess with the people that make or bring out your
    food. Restaurant staff does not wash hands nearly enough.

    Fast food: They drop your food on the floor and think nothing of picking it up and putting it back on your plate.

    - Getting your room, food, etc. for free during your stay is pretty easy if you're willing to complain enough

    - If you're checking in during a time when you think the hotel is sold out get there early, all hotels oversell their rooms anticipating that some people won't show up

    - Conversely, if you show up late after all of the rooms have been given out (and you have a reservation) they will comp your stay at another hotel

    Fish Market/Importer : No matter if you buy a cut of fish that is from a fancy restaurant or you buy it for a higher price per lbs. at a market, all fish is equally disgusting how it is handled from ocean to your plate. Routinely just placed on nasty floors, on tables with tons of guts and other innards. Health inspectors are either bribed or simply turn a blind eye.

    If you have your child give gifts to your teacher or daycare teachers your child will be treated better. Teachers play favorites.

    If your toddler is cute, then they will be taken care of and have more attention directed at them then other children. No one wants to take care of an ugly unclean child, or even baby. (Majority)

    school cafeterias are disgusting in the back where they cook stuff but i think everyone knew that

    The same towel that wiped your table is probably the same one they use to swat flies and other bugs that fly around when it isn't as busy in restaurant/fast food chain

    alot of jail/prison guards help inmates smuggle tabacco, and narcotics into the system and let distribution take place, they know it, but they allow it.

    Call Centers: You think you're calling your credit card, cell phone or whatever company. Nah the person on the phone a lot of times works for a company, that works for another company, that might work for your credit card or cell phone company. They are called outsource vendors, the reps on the phones sometimes take calls from many different products and don't care about you. lol....oh yeah where do you think Identity Theft don't talk trash to that guy on the phone, he has access to your info.

    Hospital Stuff:

    -If you go to the Emergency Room at a hospital do not be rude to any of the
    staff. The nurse will let everyone in the department know and you make a long ER visit
    3 times longer.

    -When a patient is in surgery and the doctor either drops an important
    piece of a kit (deep line kits, canon catheters, stents for ureters etc) or messes up
    entirely a whole new kit is opened up. Guess who pays the
    bill? No big deal right? Well some of these kits can go from $250
    to $1000 's easily.

    -Some people think hospitals are clean places.
    Actually the opposite is true. It is one of the filthiest places you can go
    When the low paid transporters are moving a contaminated, infectious patient,
    to various areas of the hospital for exams, they are touching the same elevator

    buttons you are.

    -Do NOT look at the magazines in a hospital. They are loaded with Staph. If you can avoid it, don't go into a hospital waiting room at all, actually. Also, have other people push the buttons in the hospital elevators.
    Oh and those who take the staff elevators/sit on the beds in the hallway: Enjoy the viruses you pick up from the biohazard.

    Anyone who works on a computer for their job spends 80% of that time doing work unrelated things. (Personal observation)

    No clocks in casinos - pump oxygen into the air....keeps you awake so you can lose more money

    If it's a hotel/casino, they usually put extra free coffee in the rooms to keep people up all night. Also they usually don't have a lot of windows so people cannot see the light of day outside. we live in a world of trickery.

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