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Help! Gi-kawatan mi!!!

This discussion is about "Help! Gi-kawatan mi!!!" in the "General Discussions" forums.
Originally Posted by okatokat hope you don't mind ma'm, dili kaha ni inside job ? grabe naka tultol jud sa box full of clothes? As ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by okatokat View Post
    hope you don't mind ma'm, dili kaha ni inside job ? grabe naka tultol jud sa box full of clothes?
    As unfitting and inappropriate as I think this is, I would be happy if it was an inside job

    Dali ra madakpan kung inside job di ba? Kay du-ol lang ang suspect/s og sa kadugayan og imbestiga, masipyat man jud na.

    But sa among case, its not an inside job.

    Grabe jud og lihok tong kawatan, and sakit jud. We've had those necklaces since I was a kid. Wa pa ko bu-ot, naa na to namo. As in, pangbata jud to.

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    mao gyud ilang style, mga bata ang pasudlon sa mga balay.... mayta madakpan na sila

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    hays ako pod gikawatan saun man pagpuo ani nila wui

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    UP lang nako, Repost.

    Help! mga Istoryans, gikawatan mi last night, January 16, 2010 at around 9 pm. Diri sa Tabunok area.

    The robber (bata pa mga 10 - 12 years of age) took some cash and four necklaces with gold pendants.

    We already reported it to the police but I just want to warn you all and also ask for your help in arresting this person or persons involve with this crime.

    If ever you come across these necklaces(as seen below), please contact me here sa Istorya immediately and we will be the one to contact the police. We think its better if we have legal fire power behind us than going to that person/establishment selling these 'gikawat' items.

    Here are what the necklaces might look like (caricature ra noon ni, sorry kiddie drawing ni, nangurog pa ako kamot)

    Gold Snake/S design pendant attached to a removable black leather string.

    Gold hanging heart in a rectangular frame (mo-swing ang heart piece) attached to a gold necklace. Two pieces of this because these necklaces were by pairs.

    Gold zodiac sign Scorpio surrounded by a ring attached to a gold necklace.

    We don't really care about the cash return to us, we just want and need the four necklaces back. Those have sentimental values to our family. They are reminders of all the hard work, hardships, sweat, blood and tears we went through.

    So please contact us immediately through number 2728981 if you see these necklaces. Also please tell and relate to your co-workers, friends, etc, about this.

    Please help us.

    Thank you.

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    mao ni naka paet sa pinas.. wa man gud tay juvenile nga facility diri.. mao ang mga bata nga criminal, mag abusar..

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