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Can Goodness be associate with Stupidity?

This discussion is about "Can Goodness be associate with Stupidity?" in the "General Discussions" forums.
naa moy mga experience na tungod sa inyong ka buotan na ilad na nuon mo? or gi take advantage mo? bisag unsa basta ang resulta ...

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    Red face Can Goodness be associated with Stupidity?

    naa moy mga experience na tungod sa inyong ka buotan na ilad na nuon mo? or gi take advantage mo? bisag unsa basta ang resulta kamoy buotan kamo pay na alkansi? share diri na thread

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    na buhat ni nako na thread tungod sa ako na experience karon lang. inani nahitabo, naa mi dakong ilaga sa balay nga nag inusara.:o dugay na namo gusto dakpon pero dili namo gusto patyon "pro life kunuhay!" amo lang buhian sa lain lugar kung madakpan. naa ragyud na siya sa kusina dapit mag tago bisag unsa na lang amo gi buhat para lang gyud madakpan, makabuhi man gyud.. anyway ganina lang nag buhat ko ug trap, ako gi sudlan ang plastic ug pan then gi butang nako sa dapit sa iyang taguanan na guba nga drainage. ga hulat ko pila ka oras hantod nigawas na gyud. pagsulod niya sa plastic wala pa nako gi hilabtan dayon kay naa paman siya sa tumoy dapit,pero kung puspusan to nako tigok to diretso, saon taman "pro life man kunuhay!" hahay.. anyway naghulat ko mo sulod pagyud siya pag maayo para sirad-an nako ang plastic dayon "bingo!" dakop na. pero dili mao ang nahitabo. pag sira nako sa plastic, samtang nag kisi-kisi ang ilaga nagisi bitaw ng plastic! so ang resulta nakabuhi nasad!!! so ang akong kakapoy nahulog ra sa wala... mao naka sulti ko na tungod sa akong ka buotan ang ilaga kay iya ko gi kataw-an!

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    Ah I don't think kanang ilaga naay sense of humor or irony, they do have a sense for survival though. Don't think of yourself badly for showing kindness to small creatures, simply because rats do not think much at all. In buddhism, kindness like that can earn you good karma.

    Author Ursula K. Le Guin wrote it best that "evil is a web that we humans weave". Evil is an act that can only be conceived and done by people since animals, in their innoncence, act accordingly by their instincts and in balance with Nature while people can act contrary to Nature, at times harming or destroying Nature completely.

    I'll share a time when I was innocent and was taken advantage of. In elementary, I was a better than average student who at the same time just wanted to be appreciated. For the sake of 'friendship', I did the homework, including projects, for several classmates for half-a-year until my parents find out and told me to stop that foolishness.

    The result was I was rejected by those classmates who I thought were my friends, shunned and often ridiculed for being 'big-headed'. It was a hard way to learn the true meaning of friendship, but as a child I wisened up then toughened up.

    In Innocence there is no strength against evil but there is strength in Innocence for good. I learned the true value of friendship but I also cannot easily refuse any request for help. I just put more care and priority to myself and my needs first and do not expect much from people. I don't expect kindness to be reciprocated directly but only hope that the good acts I strive to do would lead to good results.

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    figure of speech lang to katong gi kataw-an ko sa ilaga. i was just referring to what some people might say when they read my thread.:o and might think i could have just killed the rat. but honestly the reason why i can't do it, it's because i always put myself in their shoes even if its a rat or any other living creature inferior to us cause all they want is to survive.

    and diem that's good, that even though you experience cruelty with your friends before at a young age you still want to help others. you will be bless more
    and besides people who share your experience always ends up as the more successful one.
    i guess a lot of people share the same experience regarding taking advantage of, but maybe in a different way.

    i hope i get to read that in this thread so that we can also learn from it.

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    nka suway pd ko ani sa akng gf. buotan kaau ko nya pro iya ra jd ko gbinuangan. hahaiz... myra pd og iya ko gbuwagan oi ky na hapsa na akng lyf rn.

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    theres a thin line between the two. its very hard to distinguish which is which.

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    Goodness is not associated with stupidity but somehow some people have a wrong perception of what is goodness. Goodness does not mean conceding to what is wrong. Goodness means that we should never compromise with what is moral and ethical. We should have a clear understanding of what is absolute and what is negotiable. The Bible has a clear instruction on what is absolute.

    God bless pips and have a wonderful weekend.

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    kadaghan na ko kasuway nga nagbuhat ko ug maau sa usa ka tawo, nya himan himan ako ra ang na sad an sa bati nga nahitabo nuon.... sakit kaau huna hunaon woi nga ang imong intensyon motabang ra nya ang ge huna2 sa tawo lain kaau, dautan mga in ana...... maypag mag binuang nlng

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    Just recently lang ni nahitabo nako. Ako lang bisay-on kay basi'g masaag to diri sa istorya hehe. Gipabintangan ko indirectly nga ako kunoy ga kuha sa usa ka butang nga wa gyud intawon nako kuha-a. The nerve! Buotan ra ba kaayo ko? Kay kapila na to nako siya tabangi sa iyang trabaho kay di kamao mo ininglis. Di lang ka usa o ka duha o katulo. Nganong ako man gyud intawon iyang gi pili? The nerve gyud! Wa man unta ko nangayo ug anything in return, pero gi tagaan man nuon ko'g labad sa ulo.

    So anyway I guess there are times when goodness can be associated with stupidity. If only I listened to my friend to be careful of so group of people, then maybe this would never have happened. Pero during that time I did not want to listen to him because his advice goes something like this: treat them (group of people) like they are below you; it's the only way they will respect you. If you don't, they will **** you first.

    Of course I did not agree. I am of the thinking that people should respect people not because they are afraid; or it's not respect at all. But f*ck! (excuse my french). My friend must've been just being smart at all. And I'm stupid.

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    in a way, yes!
    kadaghan na jud ni nako na-experience ay..gipakita-an nimo ug kamaau ang usa ka tawo nya gihimo ra d.i ka ug kataw-anan...tsk, tsk!

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