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ngohiong (how to make)

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my sister wants to know how to make ngohiong. she lives in the states and nangala gyud cya ani. so unsa daw ang ingredients ani ...

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    Default ngohiong (how to make)

    my sister wants to know how to make ngohiong. she lives in the states and nangala gyud cya ani. so unsa daw ang ingredients ani and unsaon pagprepare. thanks.

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    1/2 kl singkamas (jicama), stripped
    3 tbsp ngohiong powder
    2 tbsp 5 spice powder
    1/2 kl ground pork
    2 cloves garlic, chopped
    1 small onion, chopped
    season to taste with salt, pepper, honey and soy sauce
    lumpia wrapper

    batter after wrapping with lumpia wrapper:
    * Mixed 2 cups cornstarch, 5 tbsp paprika/white pepper and 700 grms water
    * Stir with fork to remove lumps

    Cooking Procedure:
    1. Put a little bit of oil then saute garlic and onion. Put the pork and cook until slightly brown.
    2. Put singkamas, ngohiong powder, spice powder and season with salt, pepper, honey and soy sauce. Cook for a minute.
    3. Let it cool.
    4. After cooling, put 2 tbsp of the mixture in a lumpia wrapper, then roll.
    5. Do the same procedure in all lumpia wrapper.
    6. Deep in the batter mixture.
    7. Deep-fry until golden brown.
    8. Then serve with lorbak sauce (as follows)

    Lorbak Sauce:
    2 tbsp dark soy sauce
    2 tbsp castor sugar
    1/8 tsp Chinese five spice powder (ng heong fun)/ Ngo hiong hun
    1/8 tsp salt
    4-5 tbsp water
    1/2 tsp corn flour or tapioca flour
    1 egg white, lightly beaten

    Cooking Procedure:
    1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepot.
    2. Boil then turn the fire low and simmer for 2 minutes.
    3. Stirring occasionally until sauce turns smooth. Add in egg white and stir with a fork to form fine strands.
    4. Set aside to cool then use.

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    Default Re: ngohiong (how to make)

    lami ni dah.... thanks!

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    Default Re: ngohiong (how to make)

    lami ang ngohiong sa cheaverz!!

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