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Organic Chicken and Eggs in Cebu:

This discussion is about "Organic Chicken and Eggs in Cebu:" in the "Food & Dining" forums.
Hi fellow foodie istoryans, Share lang nako ninyo akong experience. My dad was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer a few years back. Sadly namatay gyud akong ...

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    Default Organic Chicken and Eggs in Cebu:

    Hi fellow foodie istoryans,

    Share lang nako ninyo akong experience. My dad was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer a few years back. Sadly namatay gyud akong dad. Moving forward to present I've been really cautious about what I eat. According to the doctors of my dad, colo-rectal cancer is mostly diet-based and hereditary, so as other types of cancer. My dad was mostly in an organic-based diet as advised by the doctors kay dili na gyud daw safe ang food ron panahuna because of pesticides, hormone injections, etc....

    A few weeks ago naa ko na meet nga farmer in Talamban who does organic chicken and egg farming. Nalingaw gyud ko kay I've been looking for organic meat and vegetables for my house. I just want to share this vlog video of mine so I hope sa katong nangita ug organic chicken, eggs, and other organic based produce kay ma aware ani nga group.

    P.S. The misconception diay nga eggs and chicken kay taas ug allergens is NOT TRUE. Organic or naturally grown chicken are not high in allergens. It's how these poultry products that are commercially produced now that make it unsafe for us to consume.

    And if nangita sad diay mo ug supplier asa mo ka palit ug organic eggs and chicken, i click lang ninyo ang video kay naay contact details sa farm. Mo deliver ra sad sila.

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    careful anang mga organic things. mostly ana nila its marketing. my dad also died of colon cancer just last year. my mom and dad basically eat same thing everyday. only my dad had cancer. it really varies. careful mo anang mga causes kunuhay sa cancer. the fact is walay ma pinpoint nga direct causes especially sa colon cancer. yes makuha na sa diet ug genes. but what specifically way maka point. fact is, lain lain lawas sa tao. dili pasabot maka cancer na nimo, kay maka cancer pud na nako. i spoke to his doctor in the US since he was treated in the US, balanced diet gyud dapat and always keep an eye on symptoms. early detection ra gyud. dont buy into those organic and anti cancer stuff. even steve jobs died because of those anticancer misconceptions.
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