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Where to buy sweet mangoes?

This discussion is about "Where to buy sweet mangoes?" in the "Food & Dining" forums.
Just trying my luck here. Naa moy nailhan nga store nga ila manga most of the time mopalit mo? If naa asa dapita? hehe ...

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    Default Where to buy sweet mangoes?

    Just trying my luck here. Naa moy nailhan nga store nga ila manga most of the time mopalit mo? If naa asa dapita? hehe
    If wla gani kay try lang nya ko mangita sa carbon mayta maka chamba ko ug hehe
    My reason for this is ako try dad.on as pasalubong para maka tilaw ako mga foreign friends sa ato manga. hehe
    Normally if mopalit mi sa supermarket kay ang uban ang uban dili man gud.

    Any tips as well unsaon pag ila nga dako chance nga siya aside sa iya smell?

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    ayaw lang tan-awa sa colour sa mango... looks can be deceiving
    now aside from smelling it from the stem end...
    you need to feel...
    feel the weight.. ripe mangoes are much heavier and compared sa unripe
    feel the firmness... Mangos, like peaches will soften as they ripen. Just as it starts to go from firm to soft, it is just about ripe.

    naa may daghan fruit stand or prutasan ts.
    sa banilad, sa mabolo
    or mas better adto kag carbon kay daghan kapilian..
    if ganahan kag quality adto nalang sa malls sa grocery

    i hope that helps!
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    sa robinsons na supermarket mi tig buy. so far,sweet raman pud

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    Nangita sad ko,,

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    before nimo paliton tilawi

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    Naay baligya sa iskina Guadalupe road sa-una, I'm not sure lang if they are still selling there until now.

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