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Can you give up fastfood?

This discussion is about "Can you give up fastfood?" in the "Food & Dining" forums.
Not really because it's cheap...

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    Not really because it's cheap

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    Nah dude. Too good for cravings.

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    I eat fast food. A lot. It's impacted my health negatively, but also my wallet. I eat fast food probably once a day. I want to stop eating fast food and begin eating healthier and less expensive meals. But in vien.

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    This is the hardest for me. I may not eat sweets, pastries, etc. at all, but I adore fast food and it's hard for me to give it up completely. But I'm afraid to do it because it hurts me a lot.
    From fast food I gain weight, I get problems with the intestines. I also often get acne because of it.
    That's why I try to limit myself in this because I can't give it up completely
    I try to eat fast food no more than once a week

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    Any bad habits can be defeated. But sometimes it requires not just willpower, but additional help. The junk food habit is almost as strong as the smoking habit. You can get psychotherapy (yes, there are such groups). But I can recommend using simple herbal sedatives at the start. Take a look at this site - I know that this medicine is used for those who have eating disorders (for example, bulimia). This sedative is made with herbs so it has no contraindications. I think this is a good chance to emerge victorious without complex therapy.

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