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Escabetse recipe anyone???

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just need help, anyone know what kind of fish and the recipe please thanks......

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    Default Escabetse recipe anyone???

    just need help, anyone know what kind of fish and the recipe please thanks...

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    Default Re: Escabetse recipe anyone???

    Fish Escabeche

    This is basically sweet sour fish. Not that difficult to do, tedious but not difficult. In this particular instance, I had trouble frying the fish (the skin stuck to the pan) so the result was not that pretty - especially when the fish really looked lovely as you can see below. But it was tasty. I found the red snapper, freeze dried, at a Chinese/Vietnamese store.


    Fish - red snapper, either whole or filet or filet of mackerel (actually, any frying fish will do nicely)

    Calamansi juice (or lemon or lime juice)

    Oil Green and red peppers, cut julienne style
    Ginger, cut julienne style
    Extra ginger
    Onion - sliced
    Garlic - sliced or pounded

    Pineapple juice
    Pineapple chunks
    Tomato Sauce or tomato catsup

    Rub salt on fish (outside and inside after splitting the abdomen and taking the guts out). Roll on flour. Fry in hot oil. Set aside.
    Pound extra ginger, add a little bit of water and squeeze the juice out. Collect juice. Set aside.

    To make the sweet and sour sauce: In another frying pan, heat oil, then add sliced onions and pounded garlic, stir fry. When the onion has become transparent and the garlic pieces become brown, add the strips of ginger and the green and red peppers. Stir fry. Add pineapple juice and tomato sauce or catsup for coloring. If you desire a sweeter sauce, add sugar; for more sour taste, add vinegar. Add pineapple chunks. And don't forget the ginger juice. This is really the secret of a good sweet sour sauce. The zesty taste of ginger. Thicken with a little bit of cornstarch*. Simmer for about 3-4 minutes.

    You can now pour this over the fish and serve. However, I prefer the fish to be cooked a little bit in the sauce so it could absorb the flavor. To do this, put the fish into the simmering sauce and simmer for another 3-4 minutes.

    Added note: You need to dissolve about a tsp of cornstarch in a little bit of water or in your pineapple juice - otherwise you might have a lumps in your sauce. But not that much. You can also use flour or toasted bread crumbs to thicken your sauce. Use toasted bread crumbs rather than cornstarch to taste better.. well just a try

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    Default Re: Escabetse recipe anyone???

    sa mga Tagalog, escabetse is cooked with unripe papaya or just the ordinary papaya achara. when we make sweet and sour, it has the basic red and green bell pepper, ginger and onion in sweet n sour sauce.

    when you fry the fish, make sure the pan and oil is really hot to avoid the fish skin sticking to the pan.

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    Default Re: Escabetse recipe anyone???

    thanks for the recipe and tips...

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    Default Re: Escabetse recipe anyone???

    lami baya ning escabetse labi na ug kanang dagkung isda gamiton.

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    Default Re: Escabetse recipe anyone???

    eh try ni.....

    resto taste:
    - from ur suking grocery store, palit ug sweet & sour sauce ug pineapple chunks.
    - peritoha ang isda (mas maajo ang fresh fish kay deli ma dugmok)
    - hiwa-a ang sibuyas bombay, carrots & atsal (in cubes)
    - gisaha ang ahos, sibuyas ug atsal
    - add the pineapple juice & 1 tbsp flour then sweet & sour sauce
    - sa bandiha ibutang ang piniritong isda then add the sauce

    eskabetseng lutong bahay:
    - peritoha ang isda (mas maajo ang fresh fish kay deli ma dugmok)
    - hiwa-a ang atsal, bombay, luy-a & carrot (pataas ang paghiwa)
    - gisaha ang panakot add brown sugar, soya sauce & water
    - if u prefer sticky sauce then add 1 tbsp of flour
    - add the fried fish & simmer for about 5 mins.

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