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A Miracle Molecule "Transfer Factor" the 3rd Category of Medicine the Phenomenal Discovery of Science

What is Transfer Factor?
Transfer Factor is not a Vitamin, Mineral Herb, Anti-Oxidant, Hormone or a Drug. Transfer Factor is a product made by the Immune System for the Immune System.

Discovered by:
Dr. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949
TF found in White Blood Cells.

Efrain Diaz-Jouanen and Ralph C. Williams Jr. 1974
TF Found in Human colostrum of w/c 50% are T-Cels and 34% are B-Cells

Dr. Wilson and Dr. Paddock 1989
TF found in Fresh Cows’ Milk (1st 5 days or 1ST 9 gallons) & Fresh Egg Yolks

David Lisonbee 1998
Dry TF extraction via 4Life Bio-Tech Ultra Filtration

What is the Purpose of our Immune System?

  1. Defense against diseases.
    • Our Only Line of Defense against:
      • Bacterial Infection
      • Fungal Infection
      • Viral Infection
      • Chronic Diseases
      • Cancer

  2. Doctor inside our body.
    • It can help us recover from various ailments.

  3. Protects other systems of the Body.

What can Transfer Factor do for you?
It is an Immune memory molecule that:

  1. Educates
    • our immune system to inable to:

    1. ​Recognize - Internal and External causes of disease.
    2. Respond - contains immunity codes to help immune system defeat threats.
    3. Remember- to prevent recurrence of the disease.

    • Best example is a Chicken Pox when you've been infected in the Past you become IMMUNE to that strain because your body has information on how to defeat the threat.

  2. Boost
    • ​it will Boost your Immune System up to 437%

  3. Balances

  • What if you have an over active immune system? You Develop auto immune dysfunction your immune system starts to attack your body, causing diseases such as:
    • ​Multiple sclerosis
    • Psoriasis
    • Eczema
    • Lupus
    • Allergies
    • Type 1 Diabetes
    • Asthma etc....

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