Hello everyone

I am not sure if this is the right forum or if allowed

I am currently helping a friend who has been suffering depression for most of his life and has took a turn for the worse mid 2020 and had been seeing a doctor start of the year of 2021 he has been up and down most of his life as he has faced some issues with family and various other issues and the pandemic has also caused him a lot of stress in many ways as has done for many but due to his status he is not entitled to much support other than through a few friends

He is someone who is very friendly and has helped others in his time and it kinda sucks that his situation has got in a way that it has and because I have been in his shoes to a degree maybe not as bad as his situation but I feel I will try help out as much as I can by helping him seek advise from others who has been in his shoes plus help him share his crowdfunding link also

He has set some goals firstly to try get back on his feet keep up with his meds and resolve some of the issues that has built up due to various reasons and that is partly why he set up this crowd funding thing but as he doesn't use social media he is kinda stuck he's quite strict with privacy understandably

Also one of his goals and partly why he is trying to setup this funding is to give a little back as his visits to doctor has been free under government funding he wants to give a little back to the medical center to help others who are facing the same situation

I am also aware that at later on once he is fully recovered and is back on his feet he wants to set up a project to help others and is hoping to build a support group to help others and raise awareness about mental health such as depression as this is a topic that's rarely discussed in fact some even go as far as calling it drama and it's well worth raising awareness and educating others

As mentioned above I am not sure if it is appropriate on this forum or if it's allowed but as mentioned I wanted to at least help him pass on his finding link so I will add it below my goal by helping by passing on the link is if people are willing to maybe spread the word so to speak if anyone engages on forums blogs or has space on FB maybe could share the link


If link doesn't appear I can possibly share it via PM

I thank everyone for taking the time in reading my post and it there is any tips and advise anyone can share that would also be appreciated

Thank you all be safe