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Tips to handle sleep related issues

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A group of conditions that bring changes in sleep pattern, and impacts mental and physical health is Sleep disorder in adults . Good sleep is ...

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    Default Tips to handle sleep related issues

    A group of conditions that bring changes in sleep pattern, and impacts mental and physical health is Sleep disorder in adults. Good sleep is essential for healthy living and to balance hormone levels, keeping positive mood and right weight.

    Today’s work pressure or family requirements make most of us sleepless. Regular interruption during sleep is a matter of concern.

    Sleep problems includes:

    • Snoring
    • Sleep apnea
    • Insomnia
    • Sleep deprivation
    • Restless legs syndrome

    If this disorder is ignored or left untreated, this might result into other mental or health problems. A combination of medical treatment and lifestyle changes are usually required to treat sleep disorders.

    Different types of Sleep Disorders

    Insomnia: People with insomnia persistently face problems falling and staying asleep.
    It hampers the overall health and quality of life, increases chances of:

    • mood disturbances
    • difficulty in concentration
    • irritability
    • weight gain
    • damage work or school performance

    Sleep Apnea:
    It is a serious disorder where the person faces problem in breathing while sleeping. People with sleep apnea abruptly stop & start breathing. The occurrence goes upto 100s. The person cannot lie on back, has to sleep in elevated mode. It could trigger problems like high-blood pressure, stroke, heart failure, diabetes and headaches.


    Parasomnias patients suffer from abnormal movements, emotions, behaviors, dreams and perceptions, that occur while sleeping or between sleep stages. These include:

    • sleepwalking
    • sleep talking
    • groaning
    • nightmares
    • bedwetting
    • teeth grinding or jaw clenching

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Restless Leg Syndrome is a neurological disorder where there is an overwhelming itch to move legs (or arms) during sleep. This disturbs the sleep and causes daytime problem like drowsiness.
    Lifestyle modification can significantly improve your quality of sleep, along with suitable medical treatments.

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    I have got some pills for sleep from and I want to try them today. I can't stand my sleep problems anymore, it is so hard Have you ever tried some pills, guys?

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    Just as food and water are a necessity, sleep is also a necessity. First off, if you’re not sleeping so well, try to identify what could be the cause/s for it. It can be because of an unhealthy lifestyle, work/life stress, worries, etc. My tips are:
    - Keep a sleeping schedule
    - Create an environment conducive for sleeping
    - Stay away from blue light before going to bed
    - No heavy meals at night or foods that are considered stimulants
    - Take some calming or anxiety reducing supplements
    - Exercise during the day or at least engage in physical activity
    - Pay attention to your mattress and pillow. If they are bad you can buy for example mattress topper to improve quality of your mattress and new pillow. Just check best home supplies website there are many variants of such products.

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