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Cebu's best endocrinologist

This discussion is about "Cebu's best endocrinologist" in the "Fitness & Health" forums.
any recommendations?...

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    Default Cebu's best endocrinologist

    any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    diabetic ka brod?

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    naay 3 ka endocrinologist sa chong hua....naka adto na ko ni dr. deanna alinsunorin-del mar.

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    How much does he charge for consultations?

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    ako tita iya endo si Dr Tan sa Chonghua medical arts.. daghan lang kau patients.. mahigh blood kag hinuwat... hehehe dako ang chance na next day paka matan aw... hehehe but shes good though.

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    Dr.Deanna Alinsonorin Del Mar in Chonghua Med.Arts mao ni cya doctor sa ako mom.

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    Default Re: Cebu's best endocrinologist

    Maayo'ng adlaw.

    Naa ko'y lista gamay.

    Partial list of endocrinologists in Cebu
    Dr. Renan Dungog-- 412.2526
    Dr. Imelda Bilocura-- 254.6179
    Dr. Athena Mejia-- 412.4288
    Dr. Cindy Tan-- 253.8607
    Dr. Jesusa Santos-- 354.6705
    Dr. Consolacion Gutillar-- 253.3537/253.7468
    Dr. Dungog-- 340.3720/412.2526
    Dr. Tolentino--253.8335
    Dr. Panilagao-- 256.3157
    Dr. Gerry Tan-- 253.5460/412.4803/255.5555.
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9AM to 3PM
    Wednesday and Saturday: 9AM to 12PM

    Kamo diha'ng nahimung pasyente 'ani nila, mangayo unta ko sa opinyon ninyo
    sa tinambalan ani'ng akong lista sa endocrinologists (kung IntelliCare-accredited,
    mas okay kay IntelliCare akong HMO). Pero kung naa maayo gyud--bisan dili bayran
    sa HMO nako--apilun 'sab nako ug sulay konsulta.

    Kung naa wala sa lista diri, ipuno` lang palihug. Salamat kaayo.
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    up for this! any new updates kung kinsa best endocrinologist you've tried?

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    I used to be a patient ni Dr. Imelda Bilocura. She's very good. She shares a clinic with her husband, a neuro so grabe ka daghan. I switched to Dr. Gutillar kay ang appointment setting ni Dr. Bilocura is weekly na. So lets say manawag ko today for an appointment, next week Wednesday pa ko maschedule the soonest. There was also a time ba i had an appointment that day. Pero almost 4pm na ko na tan-aw. If you're patient na maghuwat sa clinic, go. Bilocura's good. Maldita but nonetheless, she's one of the best. I think 500 ang consultation nya, i barely remember. She's convered sa Intellicare sad.

    Kang Gutillar, she's very nice. Smiling kaau. She has this thing of explaining too much details though pero yeah, she's good sad. Katawa lang ko coz her patients are mostly diabetics which means karamihan, mga idaran na. It was awkward coz i was the only person there below 30 (everytime mu adto ko for a consult) so she gave me lectures about me being too young and all. 400 ang consultation fee nya.

    And yes, i'm a diabetic with hyperthyroidism.
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    i'm a patient of Dr. Jesusa Santos in her Minglanilla clinic...she's good ug cya jd ang nkapa average sko blood sugar but medyo mahal2x lng jd cya mga recita ui!hehe....

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