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How to Stop Smoking?

This discussion is about "How to Stop Smoking?" in the "Fitness & Health" forums.
ataya..nag sige ko basa sa mga post, sige sad ko ug sigarilyo..ahak...

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    ataya..nag sige ko basa sa mga post, sige sad ko ug sigarilyo..ahak

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    I think vape could help. I'm planning to get one, kay grabe ako cravings especially when I'm drinking.

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    Cold turkey then change lifestyle dayon. When nag decide mi nga mu quit na mi smoking 6 years ago, nag change jud mi ug lifestyle. Wala sa mi ni inom... Amo gilakayan sa ang friends namo nga mu-smoke and then we tried to replace the habit of smoking with something else like holding onto a pen. We also took up exercises like running and yoga. So far, we're okay and we still hang out with our smoker friends but we don't smoke anymore.

    The first week was the worst time but after that it gets easier. I still get cravings but they don't last as long and are very far in between.

    Hope your dad was able to quit.
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    Nicotine patches or gums can help

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    don't bring money use credit cards when going out, di naka ka palit og sigarilyo..

    nimahal nasad ang pack sa sigarilyo so murag mahal ipalit og one pack, so di nana mo palit.

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