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Good news for all the beauty lovers, introducing the different kinds of facial and body cleansing soaps @ 50 php each (150 grams), we also ...

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    Default Savona Soap...

    Good news for all the beauty lovers, introducing the different kinds of facial and body cleansing soaps @ 50 php each (150 grams), we also accept wholesale orders.

    - Just visit Cebu Garlic Haus(269 Manalili St. C.C)
    or Au Revoir Spa Salon(Suite J, Plaza Borromeo III Borromeo St., C.C)

    1. Savona black bleaching herbal soap
    Savona Black Bleaching Herbal Soap is a mild bleaching product that contain Retin A and alpha hydroxy that reverses wrinkles and age spots by facilitating removal of dead skin cells. It whitens and smoothens the skin. Dead skin build-up contributes to a number of regular skin disorders such as dry skin, age spots and acne. Finally, here's nature's answer to clear and beautiful skin.

    2. Savona oatmeal milk soap
    Savona Oatmeal Milk Soap deep-cleans, exfoliates and soothes as it moisturizes the skin. It is made from, a selected blend of pure milk, oatmeal and mineral oil.

    3. Savona papaya herbal whitening soap
    Savona Papaya Herbal Whitening Soap is created from the finest blend of coconut oil and fresh papaya extract, it is rich in minerals and natural fruit enzymes that nourish and moisturize the skin.

    4. Savona papaya leaves herbal soap
    Savona Papaya Leaves Herbal Soap combines the natural healing and cleansing properties of coconut oil and pure green papaya leaves extract. It contains minerals and natural emollients that leave skin moisturized and clean all day.

    5. Savona tawas herbal soap
    Savona Tawas Herbal Soap is the all around face and body soap. It is carefully blended with the purest mixture of alum powder, lemon oil and coconut oil. It is a deodorant soap that protects the body from excess perspiration and a bleaching soap that helps remove spots, freckles, blackheads and dries up pimples.

    6. Savona tea tree herbal soap
    The Australian "tea tree" wonder plants yields an essential oil that is recognized as one of nature's most effective and versatile healers. It is the best cleanser for troubled skin without any of the side effects like drying or stinging. It is also an exfoliant and has anti-fungi, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

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    Default Re: Savona Soap...

    can i have ur contact #?

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    Default Re: Savona Soap...


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    sa garlic house jud na paliton?hehe.
    asa na dapit?mao nang atbang sa SMM shirt depot?
    PM me..

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    hi^^ i want to visit your store... asa ni dapit? any special landmarks, hospital or mall? planning to visit tomorrow

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    up lang ko ani

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